Urban Bushcraft Podcast Interview

Urban Bushcraft Podcast Interview


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Well-produced bushcraft podcasts with good content are few and far between.

That’s why I pricked my ears up when I first heard The Urban Bushcraft Podcast.

Ray Hutchinson, a Scout Leader based in London, started the website Urban Bushcraft with the intention of showing people in similar urban settings skills and projects they could practice close to home.

Ray remembers “Living in a 2nd floor flat in North West London I found it difficult to practice much of the skills until the summer when I would be camping for 3-4 weeks…I reasoned that I cannot be the only person in a city with a desire to learn these skills.”

Enthusiasm and High Production Values

Ray was later joined on the project by Mark Yates, also a Scout Leader. Mark had broadcasting experience from a previous career as a professional radio presenter.

Together Mark and Ray produce the Urban Bushcraft Podcast.

Combined, they deliver a great enthusiasm for bushcraft and survival skills partnered with professional production values.

The pair also have a great sense of fun. The result is that they put together enjoyable, entertaining and informative podcasts with good audio and slick production.


So, when Mark approached me to ask if I’d like to be interviewed on one of their podcasts, I was happy to be involved.

In mid September, just before I headed off to Canada for several weeks, I met Ray and Mark in Hyde Park, London.

It was a lovely sunny day and we sat on the grass under some trees and the guys asked me questions about all things bushcraft and survival.

The conversation was recorded and forms episode 5 of the Urban Bushcraft Podcast, which has just been released.

Listen In Today

You can listen to the podcast straight from the Urban Bushcraft website or via iTunes. All the details are on the following page (including a link to iTunes):


I hope you enjoy listening to the podcast. Let me know what you think.


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Paul Kirtley is an award-winning professional bushcraft instructor, qualified canoe leader and mountain leader. He is passionate about nature and wilderness travel. In addition to writing this blog Paul owns and runs Frontier Bushcraft, a wilderness bushcraft school, offering bushcraft courses and wilderness expeditions.

6 thoughts on “Urban Bushcraft Podcast Interview

  1. Hi Paul
    Had several failed attempts to sit down and listen ( noisy family etc ) but finaly got round it by putting it on cd from itunes and taking it to work. Listened to it on route to Felixtowe in the truck.
    Really enjoyed listening, made the miles fly by. Very interesting and some really good tips, was almost like being round the fire on the elementary course again 🙂

    1. Hi Duane,

      Good to hear you finally got to listen to the podcast relatively undisturbed. I’m glad you enjoyed it and it brought back some happy memories. I’ve just had to go back and have another look at your time-lapse sequence….

      A Bushcraft Camp Comes To Life



  2. Hi Paul, I finally got some peace and quiet to listen to the podcast.Thoroughly enjoyed it. You interview well. Tricia listened listened in too and now understands why I enjoy your company so much. Decided to pay-it-forward so sponsored an upcoming cast for Ray and his chum. I was going to enter the competition but cannae spell bajir 🙂



    1. Hi Windy,

      Thanks for your feedback on the podcast 🙂 It seems to have gone down very well. Nice that Tricia enjoyed it too.

      I’m sure Ray and Mark will appreciate your support. I’m looking forward to what they do next too….



      PS To improve your wildlife knowledge, you might like this book 🙂

  3. Paul, I enjoyed the podcast. But what i really wanted to do is test my Gravatar.


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