June 2016

Post image for How To Care For Your Axe: 3 Easy Steps

Many people spend more on a good quality bushcraft or survival knife than they do on an axe. In an environment where an axe is important, it is often as valuable if not more valuable than a knife. A good axe of a traditional design has several components made of materials which require some maintenance. If you look after your axe, it will give you many years of service… Read more >>


Post image for Favourite Thermal Layer & Shell Combinations For The Woods

We all need some outdoor clothing, more so as we move away from the equator. In particular, our clothing forms the first line of defence against hypothermia. Here, I recommend three combinations of thermal layers and shell garments which I find are greater than the sum of their parts… Read more >>


Post image for How To Carve A Beaked Notch For Pot Hangers

The downside of simple pot hangers is that they typically only afford one fixed position over the fire. If you want to have some degree of variability in the heat you can apply to your cooking and your kettle, then you’ll need some form of adjustibility in any cooking rig or crane that you are using… Read more >>


Post image for The Value Of Using Wilderness Skills Closer To Home: Bushcraft Show 2016 Presentation

In the presentation I explore the value of learning and using bushcraft skills which have proven their worth on wilderness expeditions but also much closer to home, highlighting the key areas of knowledge and how they can be integrated into your day-to-day outdoor life… Read more >>


Post image for PK Podcast 016: Lisa Fenton On Bushcraft And Indigenous Knowledge Transmissions

Lisa Fenton of Woodsmoke joins me to talk about her academic research in the realms of anthropology and ethnobotany, in particular her research into the relationship between bushcraft and indigenous knowledge, which formed the basis of her doctoral thesis… Read more >>