September 2016

Post image for #AskPaulKirtley Episode 39 – Wilderness Water Sources & Water Purification

In this episode I answer a bunch of questions about water. What are the advantages of Millbank bags? Can you use a bandanna to filter water? Do Steripens work? How do you deal with herbicides and pesticides in water? Can you use activated charcoal to filter water? Is it safe to drink water from springs and wells? These are the jumping off points for a wide-ranging discussion about producing safe drinking water outdoors – close to home or further into the wilds… Read more >>


Post image for Intelligent Tarp Placement: Macro & Micro Factors That Keep You Dry

Staying dry under a tarp is down to intelligent consideration of several macro and micro placement factors combined with using your equipment correctly in combination… Read more >>


Post image for #AskPaulKirtley Episode 38 – Carbon Steel Knives & Flint, Boots, 3-Season Sleeping Bags, How To Know When You Know Enough, Plus My Take On A Survival Scenario

Questions about boots for bushcraft, 3-season sleeping bag choices, carbon steel knives and flint for sparks, how to avoid shredding your knuckles while using a firesteel, long distance hiking, lightweight gear and bushcraft, how do I know when do you know enough for wilderness, and what would I do in a particular wilderness canoe expedition survival scenario. Read more >>


Post image for PK Podcast 018: Mark Hines, Methodical Man Of Endurance Adventure

Mark Hines, professional adventurer, endurance athlete, exercise physiologist and biomechanics researcher, author and lecturer joins me for a wide-ranging and fascinating discussion on adventure, endurance, diet and health… Read more >>


Post image for Lightweight Tarp and Bivvy Set-Up

In previous articles and videos I’ve discussed equipment choice and ways of lightening the load of your pack. In this article, with video, I look at one particular tarp and bivvy bag set-up which is light, compact and protective… Read more >>


Post image for #AskPaulKirtley Episode 37 – Sustainable Birch Bark Harvesting, Tarp or Tent, Shelter Bedding Materials, Camp Positioning, Heavy Tents and Outdoor Career Advice

Shelter bedding, sustainable birch bark harvesting, martial arts and teaching bushcraft, higher or lower for optimal camp temperatures, cod liver oil tablets for survival packs, heavy tents, outdoor career advice and what’s best – tarp or tent? Read more >>


Post image for Approaching Apiaceae: A Practical Example Of Carrot Capture

These days we all have a camera in our pocket. Most of the time we carry a smart phone. Increasingly we use our phones to make notes for later. It’s very easy to take a photo of text in a museum or take photos of something we see out and about, to act later as memory joggers. It’s not necessarily anything to do with the art of photography. It’s memory extension, brain augmentation. So, what details of members of the carrot family Apiaceae should be recorded so you stand a good chance of identifying the species?… Read more >>


Post image for Wild Wanderings 5 – Seasonal Shift

Raspberries, blackberries, rowan berries, hawthorn haws, sloes are in fruit and there a good many seeds around for eating and for other uses. Yet many lush green edible leaves are still to be had and some common plants still in flower. This time of year is one of transition as the seasonal shift takes us from late summer to early autumn. As always there a subtleties worth exploring… Read more >>


Post image for #AskPaulKirtley Episode 36 – Bow Drill Woods To Avoid, Edibility Of Beech Nuts, Looking After Teeth & Nails The Indigenous Way, Natural Meds or Charcoal For Stomach Upsets?

In this episode, I answer questions about how we might look after our teeth and nails without modern tools, natural meds and charcoal for stomach upsets, the edibility of beech nuts, bow drill woods NOT to use, shorts in the bush (are they a good idea?), some curious rings around a tree, uses of Himalayan balsam and pot lifting – what on earth are we doing? Read more >>


Post image for Bushcraft and LNT: Keeping Things In Perspective

When it comes to visiting wilderness, is bushcraft at odds with leave-no-trace principles? Or is this even the right question? Are they really mutually exclusive or are there bigger issues to consider?… Read more >>