Halloween Pumpkin Carnage

Halloween Pumpkin Carnage

Smashed pumpkins

A bit of Halloween fun… Preparing for the zombie pumpkin apocalypse results in pumpkin carnage via 12 gauge pump-action and 20 gauge semi-auto shotguns… Watch the video below… 🙂

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Paul Kirtley is an award-winning professional bushcraft instructor, qualified canoe leader and mountain leader. He is passionate about nature and wilderness travel. In addition to writing this blog Paul owns and runs Frontier Bushcraft, a wilderness bushcraft school, offering bushcraft courses and wilderness expeditions.

3 thoughts on “Halloween Pumpkin Carnage

  1. Never left a comment before as everything is usually taken so seriously, but on this occasion can I just say, “Hell Yea!!”

    Looked like proper fun.

  2. Nothing about this wouldn’t scare zombies for miles around… assuming that it’s normal to grin like a big kid at the hopefully now ex-zombie.

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