Halloween Pumpkin Carnage

Halloween Pumpkin Carnage

Smashed pumpkins

A bit of Halloween fun… Preparing for the zombie pumpkin apocalypse results in pumpkin carnage via 12 gauge pump-action and 20 gauge semi-auto shotguns… Watch the video below… 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Halloween Pumpkin Carnage

  1. Never left a comment before as everything is usually taken so seriously, but on this occasion can I just say, “Hell Yea!!”

    Looked like proper fun.

  2. Nice to see some Brits having some fun with firearms. Thanks.

  3. Nothing about this wouldn’t scare zombies for miles around… assuming that it’s normal to grin like a big kid at the hopefully now ex-zombie.

  4. Extreme pick your own fruit and veg, Scottish style.
    Now where are the haggis
    To have fun just add a shotgun,
    nice little post Paul,
    Thanks, Nige.

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