#AskPaulKirtley 69 – Surplus vs Non-Surplus Gear; Backpack Variables; Mediterranean Bushcraft; Cleaning Stainless Bottles.

#AskPaulKirtley 69 – Surplus vs Non-Surplus Gear; Backpack Variables; Mediterranean Bushcraft; Cleaning Stainless Bottles.

In this episode of #AskPaulKirtley I answer questions about Mediterranean bushcraft, water purification and desalination on a coastal creek trip, cleaning stainless steel water bottles and several inter-related questions on backpacking, backpacks and military surplus gear.

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8 thoughts on “#AskPaulKirtley 69 – Surplus vs Non-Surplus Gear; Backpack Variables; Mediterranean Bushcraft; Cleaning Stainless Bottles.

  1. Hi Paul! I like your tent atmosphere! A great “Ask Paul” episode once again! The subject of obtaining freshwater in a salt/ brackish water locale is an interesting subject-and as you say there are many maritime
    areas where that is problematic? The coast of both Canada and Alaska at least are rocky and heavily forested. Because of heavy rains there are rocky low points with clear water. A plastic tarp in a rain is a good way to stock up!
    Kind Regards Jim Watkins
    Pacific NW

    1. Hi Jim,

      As always, it’s good to hear from you. I’m glad you like the warm tent atmosphere of this episode. It was so warm, I had to keep the tent door open, as you can see.

      Good point regarding collecting fresh water in brackish/salty areas – a tarp or other collector of rain water can be very helpful.

      Warm regards,


  2. Hi Paul, nice atmosphere in a hot tent!
    As always I appreciate your episodes and this time time I feel part of a question posted from William(if I heard well!) about Mediterranean bushcraft as I live in south centre Italy just front to Adriatic sea so I would like to say that here the bushcraft principles are the same regarding almost every aspect(firelighting, sheltering, cordage making , etc) but think that our mountains are very antrophized so, for exemple, not so much wood is avaible to do a big fires or lean to shelter. Friction fire lighting for exemple is good with the bow drill method with coniferous species as Pinus Silvestrys and Abies Alba up in the mountains, or Pinus Pinea at more lower areas. Aslo you can use White poplar and black poplar but in winter it is very hard to fing dry wood as we have a lot of rain and wet snow. I’m sorry for this longer answer but hope it can help a bit.

    Thank you very much Paul.

    Many regards


    1. I’m sure this will be very helpful for anyone reading your comments Pierluigi. Thank you.

      Warm regards,


  3. Hello again. Yet another great episode, and one of the questions applies to myself. Cleaning Stainless Bottles… I have a pair of the very same bottles, So your answer was particularly useful!
    As for the setting, I only wish I were there with you! All the best, and safe journeys, and I look forward to the next installment.
    Mr Kevin B.

  4. New listener (2 months)
    fantastic source, great job. Wish I could attend courses but would be physically handicapped and a drag on rest of class.
    back when i was a younger man ( vietnam 3 tour LRRP) the jungle was amazing. Here in US I was able to camp and hike until I got ancient. I miss that and enjoy watching and listening to you. Not quite the same as being there but can not believe how much I have learned from your programs. Thanks again

    1. Hi Jim,

      Thank you for your kind comments as well as sharing some details of your background. It would be interesting to me to hear more. I’m sure you have some fascinating tales and experiences.

      But I’m glad you enjoy these APK sessions.

      Please also check out my Paul Kirtley Podcast sessions. I think you would enjoy listening to some of the conversations with my varied guests on these podcasts too.

      Warm regards,


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