Post image for #AskPaulKirtley Episode 36 – Bow Drill Woods To Avoid, Edibility Of Beech Nuts, Looking After Teeth & Nails The Indigenous Way, Natural Meds or Charcoal For Stomach Upsets?

In this episode, I answer questions about how we might look after our teeth and nails without modern tools, natural meds and charcoal for stomach upsets, the edibility of beech nuts, bow drill woods NOT to use, shorts in the bush (are they a good idea?), some curious rings around a tree, uses of Himalayan balsam and pot lifting – what on earth are we doing? Read more >>


Post image for #AskPaulKirtley Episode 35 – Top Trees For Bushcraft, Light Saw Recommendation, Axe & Knife Maintenance At Home, No-Water Dish Washing, Best Times For Carving

In this episode I answer questions about top trees for bushcraft, dish cleaning in random camp spots with no water, the best time for carving, how not to get wet under a tarp (revisited), light saws for bushcraft, equipment for maintaining axe and knife at home… Read more >>


Post image for #AskPaulKirtley Episode 34 – Bear-resistant Containers, National Curriculum Bushcraft, Blisters, Modern SAKs, Bushcraft & Skis, Using Trash

In this episode of #AskPaulKirtley I answer questions about bear-resistant containers, bushcraft in the National Curriculum, blisters, modern Swiss Army Knives, bushcraft and skis, and making use of trash you find in the woods… Read more >>


Post image for #AskPaulKirtley Episode 33 – Sparks From Axes, Old Man’s Beard, Long Log Fires, Outdoor Fitness and Compass Bubbles

In this episode, I answer questions about compass bubbles, old man’s beard, hand-drill use in the UK, physical fitness for the outdoors, long-log fire lays and sparks from Gransfors axes… Read more >>


Post image for #AskPaulKirtley Episode 32 – LNT vs Bushcraft, Overcoming A Fear Of Foraging, DIY Sleeping Bags, Stoves

How to get over a fear of wild edibles, is Leave No Trace completely at odds with Bushcraft, which other methods of fire by friction work in the UK, my view on firebox stoves, whether wood stoves get around no-fire rules, ideas on DIY sleeping bags and can you use two sleeping bags together for the winter, plus what shirt am I always wearing? Read more >>


Post image for #AskPaulKirtley Episode 31 – Electrical Storms, Trekking Poles, Vapor Barriers, Firesteel Lanyards and How Do You Know When To Stop Bow-Drilling?

#AskPaulKirtley returns with questions on vapour barriers, firesteels on lanyards, what to do in electrical storms, trekking poles and pitching tarps, dehydrating your own meals, especially favourite recipes, how to know when to stop bow drilling. The latter makes for a neat case study. AND there is a nice sneak preview in the middle of the video as well as a fun little blooper reel at the end. Enjoy… Read more >>


Post image for #AskPaulKirtley Episode 30 – Knife Grinds For Bushcraft, Pooping In The Woods, Re-Proofing Gore-Tex, Work Gloves For Bushcraft, One Tool For The Woods, Bushcraft Kit Obsession

Another full session with answers to questions on knife storage at home, knife grinds for bushcraft, pooping in the woods, how to cook cat-tail rhizomes, how to re-proof bivvy bags, recommended work gloves, billy can sizes, what one item I would take to the woods, and how to move beyond kit obsession… Read more >>


Post image for #AskPaulKirtley Episode 29 – Ray Goodwin Answers Your Canoeing Questions

Canoe maestro Ray Goodwin joins me to answer questions on inflatable canoes and kayaks, sleeping in a canoe, avoiding wrist pain when paddling, the merits of back-paddling, advice for a first-time multi-day canoe tripper, canoe saddles, bug suits, skills for a River Spey trip, transporting canoes, moving to larger rivers with rapids and stronger currents and more… Read more >>


Post image for #AskPaulKirtley Episode 28 – Finding Flint, The Best Matches, Millbank Bags, Becoming An Instructor, Wind, Shelters and Managing Fires Overnight

I answer questions about finding flint, wind and shelter, wool blankets, managing fires overnight, if Millbank bags are a niche item, becoming a bushcraft instructor, removing the plastic taste from MSR Dromedary bags, PLCE side pockets and why I like them, plus what are my favourite matches… Read more >>


Post image for #AskPaulKirtley Episode 27 – Survival Tins, Space Blankets, Canvas vs Synthetic, Aluminium Pot Safety, Clothing Tough Enough For The Woods, Dealing With Fear When Camping Alone

In this episode, I answer questions about canvas vs synthetic fabrics, aluminium pot safety, clothing which is tough enough for the woods, dealing with fear when camping alone, whether to use tents or tarps in blackfly season and what’s my opinion on survival tins and foil space blankets…. Read more >>