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The quick answer is that I started using a Surefire Minimus. The long answer is why. Generally, I look after my belongings, outdoor kit or otherwise.  My critics might say not to be so precious, “it’s only stuff”.  But I’ve always been careful to look after things. Fundamentally, I hate breaking things. I hate waste. I like material possessions to last as long as possible. It is less about frugality and more about… Read more >>


Making a Tin-Can Candle

by Paul Kirtley

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If you use any sort of candle holder in camp then you will end up with stubs of candles left over. Rather than wasting this wax, you can make a really good improvised candle from these remnants. The only things you will need in addition to the stubs of candles are a small tin can […] Read more >>


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During the shorter days of the year, evenings in camp are longer and darker. Illumination becomes more important. Candles give off a soft, natural light and are relatively inexpensive. To get the best out of candles, however, it’s good to have them raised up off the ground. Making a candle-holder from natural materials is relatively […] Read more >>