Survival Strategies

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A Framework For Preparing Yourself For A Survival Situation

You don’t need to look far for almost countless incident reports, news items and accounts of woe whereby ordinary folk have found themselves in difficulty in the great outdoors due to lack of basic skills and knowledge. So, how do we make sure we have the attitude, skills, knowledge and equipment to see us through […] Read more >>

The Importance of Leaving Word Before Heading Into the Wild.

Nobody heads out into the wilds expecting to be the recipient of a search and rescue operation. Most people don’t think it will ever happen to them. But you only need to Google ‘lost hiker’ or ‘missing hiker’ to get a sense of how many people for whom it becomes a reality. A famous case, recently popularised further by the film 127 Hours, is that of Aron Ralston who became trapped by his arm…Read more >> Read more >>

STOP What You are Doing!

In a crisis or emergency your thinking can become clouded. Stress, adrenaline and fear can all play a part in this. In the outdoors this may be compounded by tiredness, dehydration, low blood-sugar, being wet, cold or too hot. You may even be injured. When you are miles from help, you… Read more >> Read more >>