Paul Kirtley Bushcraft Show 2018

Real World Expeditioning With Bushcraft Skills

Watch my 2018 Bushcraft Show main stage talk plus get a copy of my slides and links to a host of free resources around the topics in my presentation

Get My Bushcraft Show 2018 Presentation and Related Free Resources

Much of what we consider bushcraft today was tied to journeying in the past, whether it was seasonal migrations of native peoples, frontiersmen pushing into new territories or colonial powers employing expeditionary forces. 

Despite all the technology and materials available today, bushcraft still has a solid place in modern expeditioning in wild places. 

From lightweight backpacking to canoe tripping to winter camping by snowshoe and toboggan, bushcraft forms a solid backbone of practical skills for pretty much any environment you can think of. 

Further, there are psychological benefits of entering wild places with a strong base of bushcraft skills honed close to home. 

The Bushcraft Show is the most high profile bushcraft event in the UK and probably Europe. I have spoken and demonstrated at the event multiple times in the past and was again invited to deliver a main stage presentation this year

In my 2018 main stage presentation, I explored and expanded upon the above concepts, highlighting the bushcraft skills which I have found valuable in a career of wilderness expeditions and which you can benefit from learning then applying wherever you choose to have your adventures.

I recorded my presentation in HD video and edited into the video all of my slides. You can get this video free, along with a link to the slide deck to browse through. 

In addition, there are links I mentioned in the presentation plus additional free resources, including interviews with other experts, that I'll send to you, all for free. 

All together this makes an enlightening package of resources. 

And why is it free? Because I want as many people like you - who are interested in bushcraft - as possible to see it....