I thought it would be helpful to create a resource page that you can always come to for your wilderness bushcraft, survival and outdoor needs. It’ll take a while but I’ll add to it as I go and I recommend bookmarking it for your reference and convenience. Enjoy!  

Recommended Books

Recommended Bushcraft and Survival Books: My recommended selection of bushcraft and survival manuals.

Recommended Field Guides: My recommended selection of field guides for trees, plants, fungi, mammals and birds.

Recommended Wild Food and Foraging Books: My recommended selection of wild food guides and foraging books to give you a broad knowledge of the edible (and poisonous) plants available in Britain and Europe.


Below are links to websites, organisations and manufacturers I like:

Bushcraft Courses and Education

Frontier Bushcraft: Frontier Bushcraft provides high quality bushcraft courses and wilderness expeditions. Frontier Bushcraft was set up by Paul Kirtley with the aim of not only teaching wilderness skills but also taking people to, and guiding people in, wilderness areas where these skills can be fully utilised.

Bushcraft Forums and Discussion Rooms

BushcraftUK: Bushcraft UK’s community forum for all things bushcraft.

Bushcraft Knives

Bushblade: High quality handmade bushcraft knives by Will Adams.

Raven Armoury: Simon Fearnamm and his team at Raven Armoury are some of the finest craftsmen in Britain. Raven Armoury produce the hand-crafted Raven PK1 Knife.

First Aid and Wilderness Medicine

Resuscitation Council (UK): The Resuscitation Council (UK) provides education and reference materials to healthcare professionals and the general public in the most effective methods of resuscitation.

Wilderness Medical Society: Founded in 1983, the Wilderness Medical Society is the world’s leading organisation devoted to wilderness medical challenges.


Animated Knots:  Animated knots by Grog.  Clear step-by-step animations for tying knots, handily organised by activity and usage.

Wildlife Sounds

British Library – Listen to Nature: On these pages the British Library has provided online access to 400 sound recordings from the large collection of the British Library Sound Archive.  The Wildlife Section holds over 150,000 sounds of every animal group and habitat from all over the world.  Unfortunately all of this is not available online but can be listened to by visiting the library.  To see which sounds they have, you can search their online catalogue

Winter Camping

Snowtrekker Tents: Great canvas tents and wood-burning stoves for winter camping.

Black River Sleds: High quality sleds and toboggans.


Each significant download will have its own page with useful background information. Click on the downloads below to go their pages:

Personal Outdoor Plan (POP)


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