Free Videos – Wilderness Bushcraft, Survival Skills & Outdoor Life

Free Videos – Wilderness Bushcraft, Survival Skills & Outdoor Life

Below are your complimentary videos.

These videos are based on questions I’m commonly asked or tips I give regularly, all of which make a difference to how people approach or undertake different aspects of their outdoor life.

Most of the videos are purposely designed to focus on specific aspects of the topic concerned, even specific aspects of a single technique. It’s often the small details which make a difference between success and failure, particularly with topics such as fire-lighting.

Each of the links below will take you the video in question, which will open in a new tab on your browser.

There is a lot of information in these so please take the time to digest the info, go out and try things, come back and re-watch as necessary.

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  1. Getting Started: Which Knife To Choose For Bushcraft
  2. How To Wear A Bushcraft Knife While Carrying A Rucksack
  3. Bushcraft Knife Sharpening: How To Achieve The Correct Bevel Angle
  4. Choosing An Axe For Bushcraft And Camping
  5. How Can I Take My Knife, Axe Or Saw On A Plane?
  6. Fire

  7. How To Create Really Big Sparks With A Swedish Firesteel
  8. How To Light A Sheet Of Birch Bark With A Spark
  9. How To Strike A Traditional Flint And Steel
  10. Water

  11. How Can You Tell If Water Is Safe To Drink?
  12. Does Boiling Always Make Water Safe To Drink?
  13. Shelter

  14. Bushcraft Mythbusters: Bracken Beds
  15. How To Make A Simple Peg For Tarps And Tents
  16. Tarp Knots: How To Tie An Evenk Hitch
  17. Tarp Knots: How To Tie A Taught Tarp Hitch
  18. Tarp Knots: How To Tie An Adjustable Guy Line Hitch
  19. Knots And Cordage

  20. How To Hank Cordage For Bushcraft, Survival And Outdoor Life
  21. How To Tie The Simplest (But Also One Of The Most Useful) Knots
  22. Hygiene

  23. How To Shit In The Woods
  24. Hygiene In The Bush: How To Stay Clean
  25. Outdoor Safety

  26. The One Thing That Is Easy To Forget But Could Easily Save Your Life
  27. BONUS: What To Do If You Get Lost Outdoors
  28. BONUS: How To Prioritise In A Survival Situation