November 2010

Post image for Cold Injuries: Take Care In The Blue Zone

The human body’s mechanisms for staying cool on an extremely hot day are powerful. The human body’s mechanisms for staying warm on a very cold day aren’t nearly as effective. An understanding of how your body is affected by cold will make you more capable in cold environments and help you avoid cold-injuries… Read more >>


Post image for Staying Warm Outdoors: Avoid The Four Horsemen of Heat Loss

Awareness of the risk of hypothermia is pretty good these days but still many people succumb to it.  What’s often lacking is an understanding of the basic rules that govern the heating and cooling of the human body.  This knowledge could make all the difference between an enjoyable trip and a survival situation. Read more >>


Post image for Aurora Borealis – 7 Steps to Taking Great Photos

Ok, so this is not a photography blog but many wilderness areas are, almost by definition, beautiful. Capturing these stunning places with good photographs is naturally high on most travellers’ agendas. The northern, or boreal, forest is a beautiful wilderness environment. It’s a winter campers paradise! In winter it is harsh, yet enchanting and you’d be justified in visiting just… Read more >>