December 2012

Post image for Surviving A Winter’s Night in the Northern Forest: How To Build An Arctic Lean-To

A lean-to is a classic shelter of the northern forests. It is an open-fronted shelter that depends upon fire to keep the occupant warm. This type of shelter has the advantage of a relatively simple construction method requiring few tools. As long as you have access to plenty of firewood, a lean-to will keep you […] Read more >>


Making a Tin-Can Candle

by Paul Kirtley

Post image for Making a Tin-Can Candle

If you use any sort of candle holder in camp then you will end up with stubs of candles left over. Rather than wasting this wax, you can make a really good improvised candle from these remnants. The only things you will need in addition to the stubs of candles are a small tin can […] Read more >>