August 2016

Post image for #AskPaulKirtley Episode 34 – Bear-resistant Containers, National Curriculum Bushcraft, Blisters, Modern SAKs, Bushcraft & Skis, Using Trash

In this episode of #AskPaulKirtley I answer questions about bear-resistant containers, bushcraft in the National Curriculum, blisters, modern Swiss Army Knives, bushcraft and skis, and making use of trash you find in the woods… Read more >>


Post image for Wild Wanderings 3 – Windermere Waterside

Two weeks on Windermere. It could be a lot worse! Spending two weeks based in the same spot outdoors is always interesting, though, wherever it is. Well it is for me. It is if you are interested in nature. In two weeks you really spot the changes which occur. Plants coming into flower. Flowers going to seed. Berries ripening. So on and so forth. And there was a lot to see here… Read more >>


Post image for Canoe Capsize Recovery – Deep Water Rescue Training

Canoe capsize recovery skills are important for any canoeist who ventures onto open water, even as part of a group. Windermere is England’s largest natural lake and the venue of the Expedition Canoeing Skills course that Ray Goodwin and I run there every summer. Part of the course programme involves learning and practising canoe capsize […] Read more >>


Post image for #AskPaulKirtley Episode 33 – Sparks From Axes, Old Man’s Beard, Long Log Fires, Outdoor Fitness and Compass Bubbles

In this episode, I answer questions about compass bubbles, old man’s beard, hand-drill use in the UK, physical fitness for the outdoors, long-log fire lays and sparks from Gransfors axes… Read more >>


Post image for Do Tarps Keep You Dry In The Rain?

I’ve had various comments on some of my videos and articles along the lines of “tarps are OK until it rains”, or “good luck when it rains”. Here is a short response… Read more >>