September 2015

Post image for #AskPaulKirtley Episode 9: Knife Techniques, Wool Blankets, Hammocks, First Aid and Finding Materials For Primitive Skills

In this episode I answer questions about useful bushcraft knife techniques, wool blankets, hammocks and poncho liners as well as revisiting medicinal herbs and book recommendations. In addition, I discuss outdoor first aid, in particular first aid for wilderness journeys. I also give some advice on where to find or source materials such as hides, antlers and the like for practising primitive skills… Read more >>


Post image for #AskPaulKirtley Episode 8: Thoughts on Preppers, Frustrated Kids, Quiet Camps & Some Book Recommendations

In Episode 8 of #AskPaulKirtley, I offer some thoughts on preppers and prepping, make some suggestions for helping kids who get frustrated with learning bushcraft skills, suggest some quiet places to camp and forage in the UK, give some specific advice on aspects of firelighting, fires and leave no trace as well as provide some book recommendations for bushcraft and wider campfire reading. Read more >>


Post image for Bushcraft Take-Aways From The Manitoba Museum

What can you learn about bushcraft and wilderness living skills from a museum? Lots, as it turns out. If it’s a good museum, that is. And the Manitoba Museum is a good museum for nature, native skills, bushcraft, self reliance, anthropology, history of wilderness living, voyageurs, trappers, surveyors and first nations… Read more >>