January 2016

Post image for Winter Woodland Wildcamping: 21 Tips & Tricks

Winter woodland wildcamping takes a little more planning, organisation and efficiency than in the easier summer months but sleeping out in a winter bivvy in the temperate zones is well within the capabilities of most spring, summer and autumn campers. I’ve put together 21 tips for those who would like to try… Read more >>


Post image for #AskPaulKirtley Episode 19: Bow Drill With Natural Cordage & Ember Consistency, Top 3 Bushcraft Focus Areas, Beginner & Budget Axes

In this episode of #AskPaulKirtley I answer questions on bow drill consistency, bow drilling with natural cordage, winter tents, the top three areas of bushcraft to concentrate on, beginner and budget axes, alternatives to the Gransfors Bruk Small Forest Axe, what to do with your wallet, phone and passport while out in the field, and whether or not wearing your clothes in your sleeping bag stop it from working efficiently… Read more >>


Post image for PK Podcast 012: Lou Rudd On Unsupported Polar Journeys and Retracing Amundsen’s Route To The South Pole

Lou Rudd joins me to discuss making unsupported journeys to the South Pole including retracing Amundsen’s route. Along the way he provides insights on physical training, food, nutrition, personal admin and winter camping routines… Read more >>