Medicinal Plants

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Labrador tea is the name given to three closely related Rhododendron species. These plants were traditionally used for many medicines as well as Labrador tea, most commonly made from , becoming a popular beverage tea. But is it safe to consume? Read more >>


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In an article published here on my blog, I outlined the medicinal use of balsam fir, Abies balsamea, for cuts, grazes and sores. I then went on to describe how I had made use of the sap in helping a wound heal while I was on a wilderness canoe trip. The article generated a fair […] Read more >>


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On this year’s Bloodvein River canoe trip, Amanda and I capsized our canoe on a little rock shelf drop-off. The bow of the boat went a little too far left, into slower water, turning the boat. Consequently we ended somewhat side-on to the flow in a small recirculation. This was enough to turn the boat […] Read more >>