May 2011

Post image for Hottentot Fig, <em>Carpobrotus edulis</em>

The Hottentot Fig, Carpobrotus edulis is a southern African plant. Introduced to Europe, the plant can be found entirely naturalised in some coastal habitats, particularly sea cliffs and sand-dunes. The plant tends be quite… Read more >>


Post image for Yellow Archangel, <em>Lamiastrum galeobdolon</em>

Yellow Archangel, Lamiastrum galeobdolon, is a widespread European woodland plant that is fond of heavy soils. It will grow in very shady areas but also likes some sun and can pop up in abundance in areas that have been coppiced. It can also be found on waysides and verges. In the UK the plant is found more in the south and is relatively widespread as far north as Yorkshire, but less so… Read more >>


Post image for Red Dead-Nettle, <em>Lamium purpureum</em>

Red Dead-nettle, Lamium purpureum, is a common plant of country tracks and hedgerows. It is often found on or near farmland and sometimes described as an arable weed. Similar to other dead-nettles it has toothed, heart-shaped leaves. Red Dead-nettle, however, bears much less… Read more >>


Post image for White Dead-Nettle, Lamium Album

Even though White Dead-nettle is not an aromatic herb like some of its other family members, it is edible. White Dead-nettle, Lamium album has toothed, heart-shaped leaves that look very similar to the leaves of Stinging Nettle, Urtica dioica, a plant which is familiar to many. White Dead-nettles and Stinging Nettles also share other charcteristics such as having leaves arranged… Read more >>


Emergency Headlamp Competition Winners Read more >>


Post image for A Personal Wilderness First Aid Kit: What to Include?

The best wilderness first aid kits are ones where the contents, your experience and the likely risks are in sync. This is why assembling your own kit is the best option. The choice of equipment to include in your kit is a personal one. The process of optimising your first aid kit and training, as well as assessing the risks you might face, improves your wilderness survival skills and maximises your…. Read more >>