#AskPaulKirtley Episode 11: Multi-tools vs Bushcraft Knives, Bug Nets, Kit Storage & Worldwide Bushcraft Freedom

#AskPaulKirtley Episode 11: Multi-tools vs Bushcraft Knives, Bug Nets, Kit Storage & Worldwide Bushcraft Freedom


In this episode of #AskPaulKirtley I answer questions about multi-tools vs knives, bug nets, am I ever going to run courses “up north”, how and where to store outdoor equipment when you are not using it and where in the world can we go to practice all aspects of bushcraft.

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21 thoughts on “#AskPaulKirtley Episode 11: Multi-tools vs Bushcraft Knives, Bug Nets, Kit Storage & Worldwide Bushcraft Freedom

  1. Very nice episode Paul. I like all of them. I´m sorry but I have to comment the last quiestion and I hope not to be rude but honest. First of all, if someone asks that question, I guess he is not really prepared for what it really is. I think if you want to “go wild”, you better don´t ask. Rules are made to make everything better and respect the nature. So if someone asks where to go I would guess that he doesn´t know what it really is to go and survive on your own. Anyway, to ask for “no rules” place it sounds to me like you don´t understand that, with or without the law, the first rules are respect and common sense. And if what you want is not to pay a license, or a fee, better don´t go anywhere. I mean, he is not the only one who would like to go to such place. Hope no one gets offended. I would like to hear other opinions. May be I missunderstood or I´m wrong. Great job Paul, I´m a real follower.

    1. Hi Aisa, I don’t think you are being rude in making these points. They are good points and you make them very well. Thanks for adding to my answer.

      Warm regards,


  2. Hey Paul,
    Thanks for the yet another great video!

    Oh yes, I’m sure we all heard those annoying planes! They certainly ruin the serenity of the beautiful place you are doing this podcast from.

    Anyhow, thank you again for the great info.

  3. Hello Paul,
    This is a quick comment on the question asked about where one might practice all elements of camping, hunting, fishing, fire and shelter building etc.
    I am a member of a sportsman’s club here in the states. Although most members use the facilities at the club for the shooting sports (skeet, trap, 5-stand, pistol, rifle and archery ranges) the club owns almost 400 acres where members can camp. Fishing and hunting is allowed within the bounds of state laws and licenses.
    Since this club is in the smallest of the fifty states, I can’t help but think there are clubs like this, perhaps with much bigger acreage in many places at least in the U.S.
    All the best. Keep up the good work.

    1. Hi Rob, that sounds like a very beneficial arrangement. Thanks for the heads up. It’ll be interesting to hear from others if there are similar set ups further afield.

      Warm regards,


  4. Hi Paul , thought I would make a comment on your blog and thank you here for the videos and articles you give us . Concerning the last question it brought back memories to me when I came back to England after spending 20 years in New Zealand where I got my love of the outdoors first solo camping at 13 years of age , everything there was so open to whoever wanted to use it .I could fish for trout,catch eels and crawlies (fresh water crayfish),I hunted rabbit and wood pigeon and deer and always cooked over a open fire I knew what woods to use and even what plants were edible even built debris shelters but still dont like them,lol ,all taught to me by a elderly friend of my parents . On returning to England at the age of 25 I couldnt believe how restricted people were in their ability to experience the outdoors the way I had .I can understand to an extent why the question was asked especially if they live in a highly populated area where all outdoor areas are controlled.Thanks Clayton

    1. Hi Clayton, thanks for taking the time to share some of your background. It sounds like you had and idyllic upbringing – certainly by my standards and those of other readers of this blog – and that you learned some great skills and had many valuable experiences during that time. Thanks for sharing. Warm regards, Paul

  5. Hi Paul

    Yet another great video/podcast. One of the best sources on the net as far as I am concerned. Keep up the great work.

    Hoping to get on one of your courses in 2016. Would be easier for me if you could do one a bit further north hint hint 😉



    1. Hi Matt,

      Thanks for your comments. I’m very happy to read you find my blog so useful.

      I can’t promise to run courses furher north in 2016 but I do hope you manage to get on one of my courses at some stage.

      Warm regards,


    2. Hey Matt
      Paul is running a course in the Lake District next year…

  6. Hi Paul,

    Congrats on another informative episode, but whoever you have upset in British air traffic control it seem they have it in for you. The section on equipment storage was particularly useful as its been on my mind lately, having just moved home last week. I did wince slightly though as I’m out for the weekend and my sleeping bag is rolled up tight as you like and has been since I cleaned it when I came back from Scotland. Oops, I don’t think I’ll be doing that one again.

    Thanks again. I find all your work invaluable and a real source of learning. I also helps me develop my goals within the subject the more I learn. For instance when I first started taking a keener interest in bushcraft, my goal was to get out more and now that has develops into getting out more & to understand what I’m seeing whilst out and about.


    1. Hi Andrew, good to hear from you as always. The air controllers do seem to know when I’m recording 🙂 I’m happy to hear that you are resching the goals you have set yourself as well as keeping motivated to learn more. Glad to be of help along the way. Cheers, Paul

  7. Hi Paul, I have just watched and listened to a couple of your video casts, Wash day on Spey, also the kit care and bushcraft freedom issue, both very satisfying.
    Your interests and work have been similar to mine though not commercially for quite some time.
    Its great to see someone making a living from there passion and is an inspiration to any one with similar interests, keep up the good work it keeps me in touch with all I would rather be doing, all in good time.

    1. Hi William, thanks for your kind words. And despite the familiarity of some of these subjects to you, I’m glad you find my material interesting and engaging. Cheers, Paul

  8. Thanks for the reply to my question!
    I am planning on getting a nice Leatherman later this year to replace my cheap-o multitool now.
    I never considered the wire cutters to be that essential so I’m glad you pointed that out.

    Again, much appreciated Paul. It is amazing that you, as a professional bushcraft instructor, take the time to field questions and offer so much information on your blog.

  9. Right.. 🙂 apologies for the typo in my question, glad it sparked some laughs 😉

    The bugnet question was with your lightweight setup (YT video) in mind.
    In the meantime I took my family to Sweden and used two DD Travel hammocks (with the integrated bugnets) for my daughters to either hang or lay under a tarp. They really enjoyed it.
    The disadvantage is the time it takes to build two or more tailored setups, since the girls are still to young to do this it meant I was building them and not fishing/playing etc with them. So after a couple of nights we simply bunked together in our 2-3 p. tent. Also cosy.

  10. I live in northern Sweden (actually quite close to the geographical center of Sweden, but that is the “south of the North”). Here hare quite a bit of space where you can travel (hike, canoe, ski, etc), and fishing licences are easy to sort. As Paul said, hunting is more complex to arrange. We — all of Sweden — have a right of common access that allows you to pass over someones land (but not their backyard!), and to sleep one night. Small fires are ok (unless there is a fire-ban announced), as are picking berries and fungi (generally other kinds of foraging for plants are ok as well).

    There are some exceptions, e.g. an area close to here is closed to all visitors at the moment: egg thieves have forced the authorities to take this extreme stance.

  11. Hi Paul,
    Great blogs. I’ve posted this question before. How do you get around the UK law conserving fixed handle knives and the blade length?
    Most knives that are sold for outdoor use contravene the UK laws and I wondered what your thoughts are. Many thanks. Pat

    1. Hi Pat,

      Thanks for your question. There is a lot of confusion about UK Law and knives. Fixed-bladed knives are not illegal. They are not banned. You can own a fixed bladed outdoor knife in the same way as a fixed bladed kitchen knife. They are exactly the same in the eyes of the law. The question is whether you are justified in carrying them around with you. You need to have “good reason” to have one with you under a particular circumstance. https://www.gov.uk/buying-carrying-knives

      Warm regards,


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