#AskPaulKirtley Episode 9: Knife Techniques, Wool Blankets, Hammocks, First Aid and Finding Materials For Primitive Skills

#AskPaulKirtley Episode 9: Knife Techniques, Wool Blankets, Hammocks, First Aid and Finding Materials For Primitive Skills

Ask Paul Kirtley Episode 9

In this episode I answer questions about useful bushcraft knife techniques, wool blankets, hammocks and poncho liners as well as revisiting medicinal herbs and book recommendations. In addition, I discuss outdoor first aid, in particular first aid for wilderness journeys. I also give some advice on where to find or source materials such as hides, antlers and the like for practising primitive skills…

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Resources – Bushcraft & Survival Books
Hudson’s Bay Company Point Blanket
Bushcraft Take-Aways From The Manitoba Museum
The British Deer Society
Paul Kirtley’s YouTube Channel

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4 thoughts on “#AskPaulKirtley Episode 9: Knife Techniques, Wool Blankets, Hammocks, First Aid and Finding Materials For Primitive Skills

  1. Hi Paul
    another great podcast thank you.

    Just to add some info for Andrew who asked about 1st Aid courses.

    When looking for a two day 1st Aid course appropriate for outdoor enthusiasts, some courses are called Remote 1st Aid and some (if they are on the Scottish framework) are called Outdoor 1st Aid. Either of these would fit Andrew’s bill.

    The bit to check, is their syllabus and whether they run for 16 hours. A quick chat with the company will help clarify whether they contextualise for the environment in which you will be travelling and for the people in your group.

    I agree with you, we should ALL learn 1st aid, it’s an essential life skill and even more essential when we are responsible for others in the outdoors. Thank you for highlighting this topic.


  2. Hi Paul!
    I appreciate the new, enlightening, answers.
    I want to ask you, can you write about first aid with the means that are of animal origin.
    Thanks again and best regards!

  3. Hello Paul,

    Thank you for answering my question about first aid. You’ll be happy to know that no only have I booked myself on your Navagation course, I have also booked myself on a 2 day wilderness first aid course. Another informative and useful episode. Much appreciated Paul.

    Many thanks


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