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#AskPaulKirtley Episode 39 – Wilderness Water Sources & Water Purification

In this episode I answer a bunch of questions about water. What are the advantages of Millbank bags? Can you use a bandanna to filter water? Do Steripens work? How do you deal with herbicides and pesticides in water? Can you use activated charcoal to filter water? Is it safe to drink water from springs and wells? These are the jumping off points for a wide-ranging discussion about producing safe drinking water outdoors – close to home or further into the wilds…

#AskPaulKirtley 63: Water, Withies, Camp Routines, Compass Bubbles, Fire Saws & Edible Ant Larvae

In this episode of #AskPaulKirtley, I answer questions about water purification protocols in areas where water is mostly clean to drink, how to use withies to create a tripod with canoe paddles, useful daily camp routines for personal admin and hygiene, the consequences of compass bubbles, an overview of the fire saw with bamboo, and whether ant larvae are edible…

PK Podcast 023: Rupert Brown, Water Filter Bag Man

Rupert Brown joins me to talk about water purification and the nifty solution he provided to the bushcraft world and wider community of outdoors people in manufacturing the Brown Filter Bag. In the course of the conversation Rupert also talks about his change of career from being a forester and teaching arboriculture to teaching bushcraft as well as moving to France, where he now resides.