Post image for Thumbing The Map: How To Keep Track Of Where You Are

Where was I again? Thumbing the map is a navigational technique which allows you to quickly and easily keep track of where you are on the trail. As well as being super useful for trail hiking, I’ve seen it used in some surprising places… Read more >>


Post image for Perito Moreno: A Surprising Microcosm Of Quality Guiding

Perito Moreno glacier is a natural wonder and one of Argentine Patagonia’s largest tourist draws. But is it too popular? Too touristy? I visit the glacier and take an ice trek to find out more. Along the way I receive some pleasant surprises… Read more >>


Post image for Laguna de los Tres and Rio Blanco Circuit: Hiking An Iconic Landscape

The hike up to Laguna de los Tres is one of the classics of Los Glaciares National Park, Patagonia. Starting from the village of El Chaltén, the out-and-back trip do the lagoon can be hiked in a day. Indeed, many people do. The hiking guidebook I purchased locally states… Read more >>


Post image for The 10-Minute Talk That Protects A National Park

We arrived at the bus station in El Calafate just before 07:45. It was bustling with backpackers and foreign travellers, squeezing past each other, making their way to ticket offices, buses or a rendez-vous with friends or a group. After the quiet backstreets of this little town on the shores of Lago Argentino, it seemed […] Read more >>


Post image for Nutritional Breakdown of the PLCE Side Pocket Menu

I thought it would be useful to have a further look at the macro nutritional balance of the PLCE side pocket menu outlined in a previous article and video. In particular I thought it worthwhile to lay out an analysis of the amounts of carbohydrate, fat and protein in this diet – both proportionate and absolute – as well as the amounts of dietary fibre and sodium it contains… Read more >>


Post image for How To Pack Enough Food For A Week In A PLCE Side Pocket

In a previous video I packed up all of the kit that I take when I working on UK bushcraft courses or camping in that way. It’s my typical baseline northern temperate kit. It all fits easily into a Karrimor Sabre 45 with side pockets, with room to spare. At the end of the video […] Read more >>


Post image for What Gear To Pack For A Day Hike In The Woods

When we head out for multi-day hikes, we’re usually quite considered in our choice of equipment. As soon as a trip involves spending at least one night out, we’re usually found reaching for appropriate sleeping equipment, a cooking pot, a means of lighting a fire or a stove, a head-torch, and toilet paper amongst other […] Read more >>