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Post image for Why I Stopped Using Petzl Headlamps

The quick answer is that I started using a Surefire Minimus. The long answer is why. Generally, I look after my belongings, outdoor kit or otherwise.  My critics might say not to be so precious, “it’s only stuff”.  But I’ve always been careful to look after things. Fundamentally, I hate breaking things. I hate waste. I like material possessions to last as long as possible. It is less about frugality and more about… Read more >>


BCB Crusader II Mug Review

by Paul Kirtley

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Here’s my thoughts on the BCB Crusader II mug. I don’t post a lot of gear reviews but a metal mug is one of my core pieces of personal kit. So, I was interested to try the redesigned hard anodised aluminium mark II mug to see how it compared to the classic stainless steel Crusader mug I’ve used for years… Read more >>


Post image for Snugpak Travelpak 3 Sleeping Bag Review

People seem to visibly cringe when they ask me about sleeping bags. The conversation goes something along the lines of “Paul, I’d like to buy a new sleeping bag, what do you recommend? What do you actually use yourself?” “Well, I have half a dozen sleeping bags” “What?!” “Well it depends on where I’m going, […] Read more >>


Post image for Bellroy Very Protective: An Adventure-Tough Wallet?

Little things can make a big difference. I certainly find this is the case when I’m travelling. I like to have a place for everything and everything in its place. The danger is, of course, that you end up adding bulk and weight to your kit by using organisational items. If you’re not careful, all […] Read more >>