PK Podcast 017: Al Humphreys On Adventures Great And Small

PK Podcast 017: Al Humphreys On Adventures Great And Small

Alastair Humpreys on adventures great and small...
Alastair Humpreys joins me to talk adventures great and small…

Alastair Humphreys is well known for his concept of microadventures. This accessible form of adventure has captured the imagination of many, with the term passing into common usage (just Google “microadventure”).

Al explains “A microadventure is an adventure that is short, simple, local, cheap, yet still fun, exciting, challenging, refreshing and rewarding.” He cemented the concept with his own Year of Microadventure, which was first documented on his blog then, later becoming the basis of a book.

While Humphreys may now be best known for his microadventure idea, he has also undertaken a varied range of challenging macro adventures.

Al’s first large adventure was cycling around the world, which took him four years. Since then he has raced a yacht across the Atlantic Ocean, walked the length of the holy Kaveri river in India, rowed the English Channel with a paralyzed military veteran, completed an unsupported crossing of Iceland by foot and packraft, and rowed the Atlantic as part of a four man team. Al has also expeditioned on the Yukon River as well as in Greenland.

Al’s latest book is titled “Grand Adventures”. In it, he asks the question why do so many have dreams of grand adventures but so few actually do them? Humphreys argues that “real life” often gets in the way, that we have work commitments, family commitments, time constraints, financial constraints, fears of the unknown and lack of knowledge of how to undertake a big adventure. In his new book, he seeks to address these constraints and parameters, starting with the simple premise of saving £20 per week in order to build up an adventure fund of £1,000. He then goes on to show how grand adventures can be undertaken, including scores of interviews with people who have made adventures happen, showing how they did it.

I caught up with Al to talk about adventures great and small, what motivates him, how he chooses his adventures, the challenges of making a living being an adventurer and lessons learned from when things go wrong. This conversaion forms the basis of Episode 17 of the Paul Kirtley Podcast…

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Al Humphries on a bike against a sunset
Al Humphreys took four years to cycle around the world – a grand adventure indeed! Photo courtesy of Al Humphreys.
The route of Al's round the world bike trip.
The route of Al’s round the world bike trip.
Two men pulling a cart across sand
Alastair Humphries and Leon McCarron hauling the infamous cart across the Empty Quarter Desert. Photo courtesy of Al Humphries.
Man pulling a pulk in Greenland
Expeditioning in Greenland. Photo courtesy of Al Humphries.
Al Humphries in Greenland - Grand Adventures book cover.
Another photo from Greenland, which ultimately become the cover of Grand Adventures. Photo courtesy of Al Humphries.
Red tent, green landscape in Iceland
Unsupported journey across Iceland. Photo courtesy of Al Humphries.
Al Humphries on an improvised raft
Rafting microadventure in the UK. Photo: Tom Allen

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6 thoughts on “PK Podcast 017: Al Humphreys On Adventures Great And Small

  1. No matter how hard travelling is you always have the chance to enjoy every moment. I relly love your photos. Thanks for sharing.

  2. One of your 1000 true fans here.

    Really excellent podcast. One the best for me explaining getting things done and realising lots of procrastination similarities 🙂

    Thought I’d mention this book too http://www.thecurveonline.com/

    Talks about true fans.

    1. Hi Gav,

      Thanks for your comments on this podcast. Glad you enjoyed it so much. Also glad to have you amongst the 1,000 😉

      Warm regards,


  3. Really enjoy your podcasts . The last two have been really great. Could you do a podcast with Lars Fält .
    Glad to be a part of the 1.000

  4. Stumbled upon your podcast after searching for friction fire techniques (still not sorted it, but that’s a different story)
    I’m currently reading Al’s round the world book so really enjoyed the interview, now working my way through the other 18 episodes, keep up the good work!

  5. Paul, I thoroughly enjoyed this podcast, after reading Alistar’s most recent 2 books it was very enjoyable to hear a bit more from him. I will definitely take away his motto of not thinking about quitting when you’re tired wet and hungry, that is one to remember.
    Thanks for all the effort put in.

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