#AskPaulKirtley Episode 51 – Tarps & Canoes, Earning From Bushcraft Content, Dealing With Frowns, Veganism & Vegetarianism in Bushcraft

#AskPaulKirtley Episode 51 – Tarps & Canoes, Earning From Bushcraft Content, Dealing With Frowns, Veganism & Vegetarianism in Bushcraft

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In this episode of #AskPaulKirtley I answer more of your questions, this time tackling using a tarp with a canoe, earning from bushcraft content, sleeping bag liners and avoiding sweat, dealing with frowns, strides for walking, vegetarianism and veganism within bushcraft.

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Paul and the Frontier Bushcraft team at the 2017 Bushcraft Show –

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8 thoughts on “#AskPaulKirtley Episode 51 – Tarps & Canoes, Earning From Bushcraft Content, Dealing With Frowns, Veganism & Vegetarianism in Bushcraft

  1. I thought you did a great job answering the vegetarian/vegan question. As a vegetarian who does long distance canoe trips (30+days) in remote Canada it’s something I think about a lot. Food preparation for such a trip is easy and I could easily turn it into a vegan menu by finding a substitute for milk powder and leaving out the chocolate, though that last bit might be kind of hard.
    Becoming a vegetarian has greatly changed my outlook on a lot of things and not in the ways I expected. I used to be a hard core fisherman and was strictly catch and release. I now take a dimmer view on catch and release and have more respect for those who hunt and fish for their meals. It’s not something I’m willing to do when living my normal life at home but lately I’ve been finding it very tempting to do some fishing while out on my trips. Next trip might find me leaving some food at home and replacing it with fish caught on the trail. We’ll see.

  2. I tried to be a veggie and lasted for around 6 months. The thing is, we didn’t get to the top of the food chain by eating sprouts. I actually want to hunt my own food at least once in my life, not to be cruel or derive some kind of pleasure from killing an animal, but to skin, gut and cook it myself would be more respectful and make me feel less guilty than shopping for all my meat.

    Thanks once again Paul


  3. I dip in and out of these videos as time allows (what happened to the 20 minutes aim?!) and really appreciate them- sadly I haven’t got any of my own money or I’d send you some but maybe I can run up a nice batch of biscuits as a barter. A few things sprung to mind whilst watching. Firstly, the earning money and reamining authentic to your values reminded me of an incident recently whereby a negative (and innacurate) comment concerning a product was left in public view by someone who was receiving money from a rival brand. Watch out for that kind of thing and rectify that as soon as you can with a bit of snooping to find out if someone has an alterior motive- sad but a reality. Your comments on the getting paid enough thing can also be balanced with any values you have to be a ‘giver’. I volunteer, so no money at all, but I did receive financial help getting training and a qualification which benefits the group and potentially myself in a future income. There are also charities and groups that represent ‘disadvantaged’ people who may be able to pay you a reasonable sum for your efforts so still being a giver whilst being paid. The ‘disadvantage’ can be anything from money to disability- that would be up to you- and if you, for example, put sign language options on you videos you may receive something from a charity for that(?) You don’t know until you ask! The walking thing was interesting too as I have just been told that poles reduce the impact on hips significantly, especially important for women in later life- if you’ve had big babies you’ll be nodding your head, many pelvic issues go unresolved on the NHS and it’s only 15 years down the line the problems emerge- but anyone who’s walking produces pain should seek the help of a good physio (sports physio if you can) or you can do a lot of damage without realising. Oh dear I have gone on again…. Love it and keep going.

  4. Hi Paul, thanks for another episode,

    I thought I would answer a question that has been put to you before (as you alluded too) about promoting products and an easy way for us to check this out.
    Frontier Bushcraft have an online store. If you were promoting these products it would make sense for me to be able to find them for sale on your store.
    At the time of writing this, I can find no axes, not the brand mentioned nor any other.
    You are wearing a branded jacket and mention a brand of trousers you like, I can find no clothing on your site.

    It strikes me that if you were getting anything for promoting a product you would make an additional income by selling the product you were promoting.

    It was good to see you all at the Bushcraft show.


  5. You know I was starting to feel brain washed when I realised that I own not only a Tentipi, MoraKniv, and a Gransfor’s SFA but the final nail in the rather expensive coffin was realising that also that I own a RAB sleeping bag (I spotted the logo on your top… you missed that suggestion) …

    The thing is that quality speaks for itself… pay once and enjoy life!

    It might be worth having a chat with Tamarack as they’re BIG fans of the Tentipi (who we bought ours from) and I’m sure they’d like a chat with you!

    1. Oops… cancel the Tamarack idea… I’ve just noticed they’re the competition!

  6. First off, I just want to thank you for the information you put out. I enjoy watching, and listening, and always learn something from it.
    I think that if someone can make money doing something they enjoy doing, there is no problems with doing it, and it doesn’t make then a “sellout”. Having said that, I agree with you, when you said that you need to be honest with your followers. If you think something is great, say so. If you think something is garbage, again say so. If you review and promote gear, just to make money, and you’re not honest about it, that is where the “sellout” name comes in to play.
    I personally wouldn’t mind sitting through some advertising, if it means being able to enjoy an informative piece of programming, as long as the advertising is relevant to the program, and I can trust the information I am getting.
    Also, in my experience, the best way to deal with a frown, is with a smile.

    1. Hi Alex,

      Thanks for your appreciation of the material I produce. I’m glad you find it both enjoyable and informative.

      Thanks also for your other comments regarding how people earn an income. Very good observations. And yes, a smile will often melt the harshest of frowns 🙂

      Warm regards,


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