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Post image for #AskPaulKirtley Episode 57 – Working On Bushcraft Skills & Knowledge At Home, Fitness For Wilderness Expeditions, Fire Plough In The Northern Temperate, Wild Teas Beyond Nettles

n this episode of #AskPaulKirtley I answer questions about bad-tasting pine needle tea and toxic needled species of tree, working on bushcraft skills and knowledge indoors or at home, fire plough in the northern temperate zone, required fitness for my wilderness expeditions, easily identifiable plants for wild teas beyond nettles, how to learn to navigate at night and my opinion on Paramo clothing…. Read more >>


Post image for Wild Wanderings 8 – Damp And Green

While seeking out some water mint in the bottom of a lovely, verdant, narrow forested valley, I also documented some common trees and plants of damp ground, which are very representative of this type of wet woodland in the UK. I also took the opportunity to include some common fungi… Read more >>


Post image for Foraging For Early Spring Greens: Some To Eat, Some To Avoid…

Late winter and early spring is a lean time. As soon as shoots start to appear, however, there are some tender, young spring greens to gather. They grow quickly too – the early spring plants race to grow before the trees produce leaves and cut out much of the light to the forest floor. You must be careful though – early spring plants often have defence mechanisms by way of toxins… Read more >>