December 2010

STOP What You are Doing!

by Paul Kirtley

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In a crisis or emergency your thinking can become clouded. Stress, adrenaline and fear can all play a part in this. In the outdoors this may be compounded by tiredness, dehydration, low blood-sugar, being wet, cold or too hot. You may even be injured. When you are miles from help, you… Read more >>


Post image for PLAN Your Skills for Survival

In the past our forebears used bushcraft in a way that allowed them to live very close to the land, much closer than you or I do today. These days many of us are heading to wild places equipped with a combination of bushcraft skills and modern equipment. In this way, we use our bushcraft… Read more >>


Post image for Essential Wilderness Equipment – 7 Items I Never Leave Home Without

If you were stranded in the middle of nowhere, your chances of survival would be significantly higher if you had this equipment with you. To me, however, these items are not just pieces of survival equipment, they are things I use everyday when I am living outdoors. They are well-used but also well-loved. With the exception… Read more >>


Post image for Creeping Death – Hypothermia And How To Avoid It

Every year people die of hypothermia or in hypothermia-related incidents. Hypothermia most commonly takes hold when people are not prepared for it. They are often ill-equipped or dressed in inadequate clothing. They do not understand the contributing factors; they do not recognise the signs and symptoms in themselves or their companions and they do not… Read more >>