October 2011

Post image for How to Light a Campfire with One Match

The ability to light a fire is an essential wilderness skill. Whether you are practicing your bushcraft skills in the local woods or planning an expedition, fire-lighting skills should be at the top of your list. There are many ways to light a fire but the humble match is often overlooked in favour of more impressive skills… Read more >>


Post image for Surviving Bushcraft: The Other Perspective…

I first met Paul Nicholls as a student on a bushcraft course I was running a few years back. I was impressed by his enthusiasm and I clearly remember conversations I had with Paul about… Read more >>


Post image for How to Use a Millbank Bag: 6 Easy Steps

A Millbank bag is a method of coarse filtration designed to remove sand, mud, silt or other suspended particulate matter such as decomposing organic material… Read more >>


Post image for Water Purification: The 5 Contaminants You Need to Know About

We can’t tell whether fresh water it is safe to drink by looking at it. Unless, for example, the water is obviously stagnant, dirty or oily we cannot visually determine the presence of… Read more >>


Post image for Alone In The Wild: What Would You Do?

For those with a realistic view of outdoor life and visiting wild places, TV’s grip on ‘reality’ can be shaky at best, infuriating at worst. So when we hear there is yet another reality show featuring celebrities facing challenges of the wild, we have good reason to be sceptical. That’s why the Discovery Channel’s new series Alone in the Wild could be surprising… Read more >>