July 2017

Post image for Wild Wanderings 8 – Damp And Green

While seeking out some water mint in the bottom of a lovely, verdant, narrow forested valley, I also documented some common trees and plants of damp ground, which are very representative of this type of wet woodland in the UK. I also took the opportunity to include some common fungi… Read more >>


The River Crake Canoe Caper

by Paul Kirtley

Post image for The River Crake Canoe Caper

While the Crake is a short river, it’s definitely a worthwhile adventure in canoe. It’s a narrow, and often rocky, creek of a river, never reaching any great width. Three of us headed to Coniston Water in the English Lake District, out of which the Crake flows for a day of adventuring by water, some of which literally became bushwhacking by canoe… Read more >>


Post image for Wild Wanderings 7 – Lakeside Life

I find myself back in the Lakes again. These days I’m here a few times through the year. There are various reasons for this but a fixture each summer is a canoe-camping programme, where we live by the side of the water for a couple of weeks. For the past four years these courses have been scheduled as a block in July but this year, we moved them forward to June. Every year is different anyway but being here a month ahead means it’s different again. It’s good to see the differences, some subtle, some large. Here’s what caught my eye…. Read more >>


Post image for PK Podcast 020: James Raffan – Explorer, Scholar and Author

James Raffan, scholar, outdoorsman and celebrated Canadian author joins me to discuss adventure, risk, failure, teaching, wilderness journeying, lifelong learning, personal development, human potential and journal keeping, along with characters such as Kirk Whipper, Bill Mason and Sir George Simpson of the Hudson’s Bay Company… Read more >>