PK Podcast 013: Ray Goodwin On Continually Evolving Adventures By Canoe

PK Podcast 013: Ray Goodwin On Continually Evolving Adventures By Canoe

Ray Goodwin in his pink canoe
Ray Goodwin in his infamous pink Venture Canoe.

Ray Goodwin returns for round two on my podcast to discuss his continuing journey in coaching and adventuring by canoe and how this feeds into his new book as well as his teaching, leadership and guiding.

Our conversation forms Episode 13 of the Paul Kirtley Podcast…

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Ray Goodwin Canoeing 2nd Edition Cover
The cover of the second edition of Ray Goodwin’s Canoeing book…
Canoeists on a river in north wales
Ray Goodwin working through the seasons in Wales. Photo: Zak Warren
Group on Bloodvein River
Bloodvein River gang 2015 (plus Jason, behind the lens) stop to ponder. Photo: Jason Hutchinson
Lining rapids on the Bloodvein River
Ray and Patrick lining rapids on the Bloodvein River. Photo: Jason Hutchinson
Ray Goodwin camping
Ray in his personal camp on our 2015 Bloodvein River trip. Photo: Jason Hutchinson.

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11 thoughts on “PK Podcast 013: Ray Goodwin On Continually Evolving Adventures By Canoe

  1. Great podcast, really liked that content. Thanks.

  2. Fantastic podcast Ray and Paul. In fact I listened to it twice :-).
    Coaching / mentoring, teaching / learning and leadership skills are so crucial to every area of life, more so when running courses and a business – just like what you and Ray were alluding to regards what you teach your students / customers, they are transferable skills never to be underestimated. The thing about those core skills, however, is that while they can be taught and studied / learned to a degree, our personal values and attitude play an equally vital part when developing those skills, and they cannot be educationally acquired….and are sadly often overlooked and hugely neglected.
    You both also (Ray especially) alluded to the importance of “situational awareness” (especially as a leader), another vital concept and skill brought to the fore by the airline industry via the Human Factors framework for pilot training and air accident investigations.
    So wish I could do one of the Canadian canoe trips with you both. Really like your ethos of novice to expert independence enroute.
    Thanks for a great podcast gents.

    1. Thanks for your comments Craig.

      I’m glad we have already delivered “double value” to you by listening twice 🙂

      And it’s great that you are attentive to the more subtle aspects of our discussion.

      Warm regards,


  3. Absolutely fantastic podcast guys.
    Great to hear the enthusiasm you both have for canoeing and being in the wilderness.
    Only done it for a few days in a canoe myself and would love to do a longer trip.
    The Canadian trip sounds awesome – 2 weeks in a canoe sounds fantastic to me – the trip of a lifetime no doubt!
    Happy paddling guys 🙂

    1. Hi Stuart,

      Thanks for your comments. Ray and I are glad you enjoyed this.

      Canoeing tripping is certainly one of our favourite ways of journeying.

      Warm regards,


  4. Great podcast between you and Ray, obvious you are good friends. I’ll be sure to get his updated book, most likely pass my old copy to one of the crew at Aldwark or one of our Scouts.

    1. Thanks for the podcast feedback Derek. Glad you liked it.

      Sounds like a plan with the book 🙂

      Warm regards,


  5. r.e. the Audio/Visual/Kinestic “Myth”. I may be wrong about the source of that becoming a widespread idea………….. but I know it from NLP and specfically the 1979 book “Frogs into Princes” by Bandler and Grinder.

    That book concerns strategies using the basic send modalities e.g. making a picture of a word and having a feeling it is correct is a good strategy for spelling. Trying to sound it out (as taught in school) is not (it’s working in the wrong system for the job).

    Where you end a strategy is important too. Short Decision Strategies (good for addiction and “how did I get into this?” situations) have different consequences to Long Decision Strategies (good for both procrastination & prepping). If only using one strategy all the time then you will be inflexible in some way. As described in the book it is not concerned with categorising people but describing how someone does something well, or finding out how someone does something so they have a new choice.

    Ironically, Ray’s description, regarding ignoring the label and doing what is appropriate……. has arrived at where the book was in the first place.

    That you can see how someone is operating and can work with that rather than sticking a label on them and becoming blind and deaf yourself. Matching the strategies the client is displaying in this moment and packaging it up in their way is good for ease of communication of the subject. Or you can bridge them into a different strategy which is good for their overall flexibility and may be necessary for the subject matter. e.g. Canoe Paddling is Kinesetic but if someone is operating in a different system they will need to be bridged in to the correct system before getting anywhere (like the spelling example above). On the other hand the “lines” Ray talks about are visual. And then there is the overlap of the two where the visual lines turn into the Kinesetics of the boat.

    Describing it the Audio/Kinesectic/Visual thing as a “busted Myth” seems to be to be throwing out the baby with the bathwater. I think the answer is to go deeper (or does it need more conversation or another look?)

  6. “from long and thin, to short and fat”…the pains we go through just to enjoy the canoe. Portaging, bouncing down rapids, slipping and sliding with packs on, it’s all well worth it!

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