Post image for Canoeing The Spey With Kevin, Ray & Justine part 4 – Setting Camp In The Dark

The Spey saga continues. We take a side trip to walk to some ancient standing stones. Kevin underestimates the haggis but his obsession with filming sheep means we end up paddling the last part of our route virtually in the dark. And then we still have to set up camp… Read more >>


Post image for Canoeing The Spey With Kevin, Ray & Justine part 2 – A Few Campfire Tricks

The off-the-wall journey down the Spey with Kevin Callan, Ray Goodwin and Justine Curgenven continues with the morning after the night before. Pancakes, bacon and maple syrup are on the menu but the priority is coffee. First, though, I need to get the fire going… Read more >>


Post image for A Broken Cigarette Lighter: A Reminder Of The Importance Of Habit

I had an interesting little event happen to me the other day. It wasn’t anywhere wild. Or remote. As is the case with many of my days, though, I was outdoors. And, as usual, I had more than one means of fire-lighting on me. My go-to ignition device is the FireSteel or “ferro rod”. This […] Read more >>


Post image for Northern Forest Fire Lighting Fundamentals: Pulling It All Together

Over the past few years I have created a number of tutorial articles and videos on fire techniques relevant to the north woods or northern forest in winter. Here I pull together all of these threads into one coherent resource along with some new material and answers to FAQs… Read more >>


Post image for Lighting A Fire With Feathersticks

As with any fire lighting exercise, starting a fire with feathersticks can go one of two ways – it either works or it doesn’t. You end up with an established fire or you don’t. Nature doesn’t offer any middle grades for fire lighting. You get an A-grade or you fail. If you’re fortunate, you get […] Read more >>


Post image for How To Make Fantastic Feathersticks

Feathersticks are extremely useful under certain circumstances. Yet many people who enjoy bushcraft, survival skills and outdoor life are not particularly well practised in the skill of making them. Many books, particularly those involved with survival training, contain images of what are often referred to as “fuzz-sticks”. These are little more than twigs with a […] Read more >>


Post image for How to Leave No Trace of Your Campfire

Having a campfire is an elemental thing. For many it is an integral part of camping and the outdoors experience. Those of us who do choose to have a fire in the great outdoors must do so responsibly. We should understand how to leave the site of a campfire safe and clean. We should always leave a campsite as we would wish to find it and this certainly includes… Read more >>


Post image for How to Light a Campfire with One Match

The ability to light a fire is an essential wilderness skill. Whether you are practicing your bushcraft skills in the local woods or planning an expedition, fire-lighting skills should be at the top of your list. There are many ways to light a fire but the humble match is often overlooked in favour of more impressive skills… Read more >>


Post image for The Easy Way to Use Fomes Fomentarius as Tinder

Fomes fomentarius is a bracket fungus, more commonly known as Hoof Fungus or Horse’s Hoof Fungus. It is also known as the Tinder Bracket. This fungus can be prepared into first-rate tinder. Whichever process you are using to produce tinder from Fomes fomentarius, it is the trama… Read more >>


Post image for Bow-Drill – The Keys to Success

Friction fire-lighting is one of the defining skills of bushcraft. The ‘bow and drill’ or ‘bow-drill’ is the most widely applicable of the friction methods. Yet many people struggle with it, particularly while learning or during practice by themselves. Failure is OK when you are learning, while you are getting used to the posture… Read more >>