Post image for PK Podcast 007: Jules Pretty, Travels With Enduring People In Vanishing Lands

Jules Pretty OBE, Professor of Environment and Society at the University of Essex joins me to discuss his book The Edge Of Extinction: Travels With Enduring People In Vanishing Lands, the powerful messages it contains and his work in general… Read more >>


Post image for PK Podcast 003: Kevin Callan, The Happy Camper

In this episode of my podcast I talk with Canadian outdoorsman, speaker and author of 15 books, Kevin Callan. He’s won awards for his writing as well as his film-making, including the the “Best of” category at the prestigious Waterwalker Film Festival. Kevin is a regular on Canadian TV and radio. He’s a great guy and fantastic advocate for the vast benefits of getting outdoors. The conversation we have on this podcast is wide-ranging and a lot of fun too… Read more >>


Post image for Cliff Jacobson and Camping’s Top Secrets

Cliff Jacobson is one of the wise men of the outdoors. He is one of North America’s best respected and most published outdoors writers. He is the author of over a dozen top-selling books on canoeing, expeditioning, camping and outdoors skills. His excellent book Expedition Canoeing is a vital addition to any wilderness paddler’s library […] Read more >>


Post image for Urban Bushcraft Podcast Interview

Well-produced bushcraft podcasts with good content are few and far between. That’s why I pricked my ears up when I first heard The Urban Bushcraft Podcast. Ray Hutchinson, a Scout Leader based in London, started the website Urban Bushcraft with the intention of showing people in similar urban settings skills and projects they could practice […] Read more >>


Post image for Canoe Master: An Interview with Ray Goodwin

Ray Goodwin is something of a living legend of British canoeing. He has been a pioneer of the open canoe in the UK and many consider him the UK’s foremost canoe coach. Even after more than 30 years of introducing people to, and developing people’s skills in, the great outdoors, Ray continues to be an active and enthusiastic outdoorsman. I recently caught up with Ray to ask him some questions about his paddling career and his new book… Read more >>