#AskPaulKirtley Episode 58 – Water Indicating Trees, Campfire Burn Out, Axe Re-hafting, Winter Hot-tent Set-ups, Chimney Effects, Bow Drill Ember Failure.

#AskPaulKirtley Episode 58 – Water Indicating Trees, Campfire Burn Out, Axe Re-hafting, Winter Hot-tent Set-ups, Chimney Effects, Bow Drill Ember Failure.

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In this episode of #AskPaulKirtley I answer your questions on water-indicating trees, encouraging campfires to burn out completely, axe re-hafting in the field, ideal winter hot-tent set ups, potential chimney effects of fire reflectors and bow drill ember failure…

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4 thoughts on “#AskPaulKirtley Episode 58 – Water Indicating Trees, Campfire Burn Out, Axe Re-hafting, Winter Hot-tent Set-ups, Chimney Effects, Bow Drill Ember Failure.

  1. Hi Paul
    Great and insightful episode, as usual

    You mentioned requesting topics to do with heated tents and camping in autumn or winter. You also briefly mentioned having fire under tarps for the heat convection and circulation under the tarp, believe you have mentioned it in another #AskPaulKirtley too.

    Appreciate that tarp height, fire size, not creating/avoiding creating sparks and probably other factors I haven’t thought of come into it. But I don’t want to find out best practice trial and error style and turn my DD tarp into a colander or even destroy it. Can expand on this please as I’m keen to try and be camping in sep and oct in my tarp kit/set up?

    Best regards
    Matthew Clewes

    P.S. Thanks for answering my question in APK 56. Very interesting about your experience of managing comfortably less % body weight to kit weight when lighter. Much appreciated.

  2. Paul, thank you for the comprehensive answer to my question. I did go back to the set the next day and I did make the notch just a little bit bigger and got a very good ember in less than a minute; happy with this success I tried to get another ember but just as you suggested the end broke off rendering it useless. So just for feedback your answer was not only comprehensive but thoroughly correct. Moreover, having made these mistakes in the safe and comfortable location of my back yard I have learned a valuable lesson with no dire consequence – the essence of practice. Thanks again for your instruction and guidance; it is rare to find genuine and knowledgable distributors of information these days and your contribution in your subject is a much appreciated gold mine – thanks.

  3. Hello Paul
    Another great session as always! The woods in your UK setting are beautiful! Fire-drown it out completely before leaving camp! Canada and the northwestern states are suffering too many man caused wildfires. Fortunately, the season as you state changes and rain comes. Love your do-it yourself field repair tool fix! Kind Regards Jim

  4. Thanks for that, your information on the bow drill
    scenario sound applicable to my situation,
    off to put your words to use

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