PK Podcast 041: Dave Canterbury On Re-enactment, Bushcraft And Survival

PK Podcast 041: Dave Canterbury On Re-enactment, Bushcraft And Survival

Dave Canterbury joins me on episode 41 of The Paul Kirtley Podcast. Dave and his school, The Pathfinder School, are based in Ohio in the USA. As well as having a popular YouTube channel, Dave has been involved with TV survival shows with both Discovery Channel and National Geographic. He is one of MoraKniv’s Global Ambassadors and has authored several books on bushcraft and survival.

Dave and I have met a couple of times in recent years when Dave was in the UK for the Bushcraft Show and we’ve chatted at these events. But given the nature of how busy these shows are, we’ve never had the opportunity for a longer conversation. So this podcast helped provide the opportunity.

In particular, I was keen to hear Dave’s perspective on bushcraft, particularly the contrasts he sees between bushcraft in the UK and USA, as well as talk over the 5C’s of survivability and applying the six sigma concept. In our conversation we certainly hit these points but we also had a wide-ranging conversation in between.

In addition to the above, our conversation covers building a YouTube channel, writing books, putting your own spin on existing knowledge, re-invigorating old works, getting kids interested in the outdoors, prioritising what you learn, different ways of learning, immersion training, first aid kits and the differences between bushcraft and survival.

Our conversation forms Episode 41 of the Paul Kirtley Podcast…, which you can enjoy via the player below…

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Dave Canterbury’s YouTube Channel
Self Reliance Outfitters
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Bushcraft And Survival Skills Magazine
Six Sigma
Morakniv Adventures

People Mentioned In This Podcast

Mors Kochanski
George Washington Sears
Robert Rogers
Daniel Boone
Ernest Thompson Seton

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27 thoughts on “PK Podcast 041: Dave Canterbury On Re-enactment, Bushcraft And Survival

  1. What a fantastic podcast, the enthusiasm and passion was bouncing out of my tablet speaker.
    Great work both of you.

      1. As always thank you Paul, another excellent podcast. As someone who hadn’t come across Dave before (don’t no how??) this was a brilliant introduction, very similar to your teaching and communication style, I really enjoyed the mindset, structure and analytical focus he brings to learning and honing new skills.
        This was one of my favourites 🙂

        1. Hi Alan,

          Thanks for your feedback on this podcast. I’m glad it brought you a lot of value. I really appreciate you letting me know.

          Warm regards,


    1. 2 Top Blokes that kept me company whilst completing house admin

      ….and a quote that may help:

      “If people criticize you, live life so that no one will believe them.”



  2. I loved this podcast, i’ve only recently found Mr Canterbury on Dual Survival (I’m in the UK )
    And I enjoyed wa chibg his approach to survival. Glad to hear he’s well.

    1. HI Kayleigh,

      Thanks for your feedback on this podcast. I appreciate it.

      I hope you also enjoy some of the others that are coming out soon!

      Warm regards,


  3. Hi, Paul, nice to hear you and Dave chatting. Really good conversation, I enjoyed it. You mentioned the moment you two first met at the Bushcraft show 2017 and I was there at that moment, looking around your stand, you both had a chat and Dave asked me to take a photo of you together, because he thought I was one of your guys. Anyway I took a photo of you and then I got the joy to have a photo with you two. If you want I can send you the photos. It will be nice to see each other at the Bushcraft show next year. Best wishes to you both.

    1. Hi Kalin,

      It’s good to hear from you my friend. Yes, that was a funny moment with the photos.

      I would love for you to send me copies. You are on my mailing list, so you can send to the email address I email you from.

      Looking forward to hearing from you.

      Warm regards,


    2. Two king’s coming together, how can you not love this! Thanks Paul for putting this out!

  4. Great podcast, Paul. Thank you for putting it up. So sorry to hear that you and Dave C have suffered from trolling. Both of you have been so generous with your time and expertise, I am sure that most of your followers appreciate this. Please ignore the ignorant trollers

    1. For every one troll there are a thousand appreciators but unfortunately the trolls seem to stick in peoples head more than the appreciators.
      We just have to make sure we keep post positive comments and drown out the trolls.

  5. Dave is the reason I converted from a camper to a bushcrafter/survivalist. He was probably the main reason I got hooked on you tube and in doing so found all the other awesome people like yourself Paul.
    It was a good interview with some good ideology’s mentioned that sit true with mine.
    I also liked Gordon got a mention and I’m so lucky to be able to go to one of his courses in August where Dave will be there as a guest.
    I would love to hear an interview with Gordon as he lives a very interesting life. I’m looking forward to the interview with Mors, his environment his vastly different to mine in the tropics of Australia but I still love listening to him, you can just hear his knowledge when he speaks.
    That’s more than my two bob’s worth, keep up the good work Paul.

  6. I’m just about to head off to Mora Adventure Japan as I’m on the support team and I get an email saying this podcast has come up. Couldn’t have come at a better time! Cheers for that Paul! It really made my day! I really enjoyed the podcast.

    All the best

    1. Haha, that sounds like perfect timing Lee 🙂 I hope the event goes well. I look forward to hearing all about it.



  7. Thanks for an another great interview Paul. As one of your Australian listeners it was great to hear you both mention Gordon. Just like you and Dave, he always produces quality content and it is refreshing to see some local Aussie content on Youtube. I second Justin’s request to have him as a guest on a future episode!

    1. Yeah Gordon is a top bloke. He’s done a few courses with me in the UK and I hope I can manage to meet up with him the next time I’m down in Australia.

      Warm regards,


  8. Great interview, it is fantastic to see how the American and European Bushcraft-scenes are mingling the last couple of years. Some European brands must be seeing their sales rising a lot I think.

    Thanks for asking my question about which fictional books Dave likes, I was kind of hoping for a couple of books to add to my list. Most fictional books about survival seem to be written with doomsday-preppers in mind.

    Again, thanks Paul, looking forward to the next podcasts.


    1. Hi Ruud,

      Thanks, as always, for your comments. I’m glad you appreciated this podcast. Yes, there are some interesting international/trans-Atlantic intersections going on these days.

      I’m happy you enjoy these podcasts… there’s more good stuff in the pipeline…

      Warm regards,


  9. I have been reading Dave’s books, listening to Paul’s podcasts, and trying out so much in my backyard and nearby forest preserves this year. Why? I am a Millennial mom with a 9 year old daughter, who asked to learn outdoors skills and bushcraft. Take heart, future generations do indeed have an interest in ways of doing and living that people used to learn for hundreds of years (before the modern, urban era). Thank you for all you’re passing on. And keep it up, writing and aiming for a sixth grade reading level. It makes it accessible to 9 year olds who like to bite off a big challenge, and to the moms who never learned these skills from our parents. One final comment: in our state of Illinois, there are not a lot of immersion options. We used to live in a more Southern state that had extensive Department of Natural Resources trainings for women or children, so as you know of opportunities, please highlight how to get in touch.

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