PK Podcast 032: Lars Fält, Julia Kalthoff, Juha Rankinen and Jonas Als

PK Podcast 032: Lars Fält, Julia Kalthoff, Juha Rankinen and Jonas Als

This episode comes to you from Sweden. For the third year in a row I was invited to Bushcraftfestivalen to run some workshops. Last year I ran the fire workshops and this year I ran some tree and plant identification workshops, and of course the focus was on plants and trees that are useful for bushcraft and survival purposes, in the realms of food, medicine and utility.

There were a lot of other great workshops, demonstrations and talks at Bushcraftfestivalen too, as well as some fantastic traditional singing from the Estonian contingent. It’s an event that is curated and organised very well and I’m always delighted to be involved. A big thank you to Jonas Landolsi and the organising team for putting on such a nice event.

Juha Rankinene, Lars Fält, Paul Kirtley
Catching up with Juha Rankinen and Lars Falt at the 2018 Bushcraftfestivalen. Both feature in Episode 32 of the Paul Kirtley Podcast.

Bushcraftfestivalen always has a great contingent of high quality presenters and it was an opportunity for me to catch up with friends old and new, bringing to you a collection of conversations with them via this podcast. So, this podcast session is more of a magazine edition, with several shorter chats and interviews, that I hope you will enjoy very much. I’m sure they will lead to longer recorded conversations in the future.

The first interview is Lars Fält, who has been highly requested as a guest on my podcast by many of you who listen to these podcasts regularly. It was great to see Lars back at Bushcraftfestivalen, as he was here for the first event in the 2016 but absent last year. It was particularly good to see Lars back out and about again, as he had some serious heart surgery earlier in the year. He was pretty busy with book signings and being present on the Casström knives stand too but we managed to escape to a quiet room in a nearby building for a short interview…

So, without further ado, enjoy my conversation with Lars and the other lovely people I encountered for this episode of The Paul Kirtley Podcast…

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4 thoughts on “PK Podcast 032: Lars Fält, Julia Kalthoff, Juha Rankinen and Jonas Als

  1. Great Podcast Paul… just nice to sit down and relax to the interesting conversation… thanks for sharing…

  2. Hi Paul , thanks for speaking to Lars , shame you did not have the time to speak longer . Really enjoyed this one .

    1. Yes, indeed. I’m hoping to be able to record with Lars for longer next time. Glad you enjoyed this episode though. Warm regards, Paul

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