#AskPaulKirtley Episode 21: Ventile Smocks (again), Knife Skills For Bushcraft, Canoe Camping, Stoves, Bow Drill Success & Drinking Urine

#AskPaulKirtley Episode 21: Ventile Smocks (again), Knife Skills For Bushcraft, Canoe Camping, Stoves, Bow Drill Success & Drinking Urine


In this episode of #AskPaulKirtley I answer questions about how to get started with canoe camping, water bladders and water bottles, my long term, go-to stove when not using a fire, firesteel and knife combos, how to increase your bow-drill success rate, identifying animal hairs, knife skills to practise at home, my pants, socks and boots, where to go to wild camp and to practise bushcraft skills, and whether or not you should be drinking your own urine.

I also revisit Ventile smocks to correct a mistake as well as announce a special live edition of #AskPaulKirtley, which will be recorded at Easter.

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Rather than send an answer to just that one person, I’d like others to benefit from the answers too. So, just in the same way I’d previously write an email answer, here I’m going to speak the answer (which is much quicker than me typing out an answer, so I’ll get more questions answered as well as benefiting more people).

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13 thoughts on “#AskPaulKirtley Episode 21: Ventile Smocks (again), Knife Skills For Bushcraft, Canoe Camping, Stoves, Bow Drill Success & Drinking Urine

  1. If your looking for a decent smock these are currently available on amazon.
    These are very well made replicas of Belgian military field smock, loads of mobility and very robust. They aren’t water proof but you can treat with Nikwax .
    Dont buy them all as I am planning on getting another one.

  2. Yes please on the question of more info on stoves etc.

    My aim is to be doing one or two week treks in Scotland and I’m doing courses with you etc to get the knowledge and skills for that.



  3. Hi, i thought this might interest some people.
    Its the same smock that you modified for yourself but in a more practical colour for bush crafting. I bought one that i then changed the draw cord in the hood to 5mm shock cord and toggles as i felt this kept the hood in a better shape. It is away to my seamstress now and having all the buttons changed to buffalo horn ones as i, like you did, hated the nasty little metal type ones that it comes with.



    1. Woops! RE my previous posting, it was Barry Smith that i had read about modding his Swedish Smock (although Paul maybe has as well for all i know!) so sorry for the confusion!

      Best wishes all,


      1. No worries Gordon. Barry did a lovely job on his smock. I have another custom smock which serves me well in the boreal.

        Warm regards,


  4. Hi Paul, another brilliant podcast,
    RE. Urine.
    I thought your urine was all the liquid products your body had already decided were no good for it, what is the point in putting it back in?

  5. Episode 21. Paul sits on log, prepares to do Superman impression.
    [You cant fly mate without a cape mate, you know that right?]

    1. :0) It does really look like that though doesnt it? LOL. Best Regards, Dave.

  6. I disagree with you about you having to do more to get things out there, a 2 minute search of your page will reveal plenty of answers for 90% of the repeat questions , people just need to take the time to look themselves rather than bombard yourself with questions they couldnt be arsed to look up. Clothing /Boots / rucksucks are things you have to TRY ON and make sure they fit because what works for you might not work for me, get to a store and try it on, try 3 on spend an hour in the shop before taking it home, if you get it home wear it in the house for 3 hours if no good take it back and try again, !! pet hate rant over. Great show Paul.

    1. Hi Darren,

      Great comments regarding trying on boots, clothing, rucksacks, etc., where fit is important. We are all different shapes and sizes.

      I appreciate the rant. Thanks 🙂



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