#AskPaulKirtley Episode 35 – Top Trees For Bushcraft, Light Saw Recommendation, Axe & Knife Maintenance At Home, No-Water Dish Washing, Best Times For Carving

by Paul Kirtley

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Paul Kirtley answering bushcraft questions in episode 35 of #AskPaulKirtley

In this episode of #AskPaulKirtley I answer questions about top trees for bushcraft, dish cleaning in random camp spots with no water, the best time for carving, how not to get wet under a tarp (revisited), light saws for bushcraft, equipment for maintaining axe and knife at home.

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Paul Kirtley is an award-winning professional bushcraft instructor. He is passionate about nature and wilderness travel. In addition to writing this blog Paul owns and runs Frontier Bushcraft, a wilderness bushcraft school, offering bushcraft courses and wilderness expeditions.


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Good advice, as always, Paul. It sounds like “Where to pitch your tarp” could be a good subject for future tutorial/video?


Paul Kirtley

Hi Bob,

Yes, OK. Do you mean as in covering all the relevant aspects of deciding where to pitch?

Warm regards,



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