PK Podcast 028: Joe Robinet On His Love Of Camping, Bushcraft & Making A Living On YouTube

PK Podcast 028: Joe Robinet On His Love Of Camping, Bushcraft & Making A Living On YouTube

My guest on this podcast is Joe Robinet, a name that will be familiar to listeners who spend time watching bushcraft and camping videos on YouTube. Joe has built a large following on YouTube publishing videos that document his outdoor life. At the time of recording this podcast his subscriber base was just over 500,000.

In recent years I’ve been intrigued by the proliferation of outdoor video blogs and specifically bushcraft and camping videos on YouTube. So, I thought given Joe’s success on the platform, he would be a good person to have a conversation with to explore this phenomena in more detail.

From filming and editing videos for YouTube and my blog, I know that it’s quite a time consuming process and I wanted to find out more about Joe’s motivations for making videos regularly as well as how he manages to juggle his outdoor life with the demands and constraints of filming. I know this was something a fair few listeners were also interested in, particularly those who have their own YouTube channels.

Via my Facebook page I asked for listener questions to put to Joe and I received a considerable response. We cover these questions throughout this episode. Some lead to more in-depth discussions including a candid conversation with Joe around his experiences being on the first season of the History Channel series, Alone.

Our conversation forms Episode 28 of the Paul Kirtley Podcast…

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Collective Arts Brewing
Great Lakes Brewing Company
Muskoka Brewery

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Paul Kirtley is an award-winning professional bushcraft instructor, qualified canoe leader and mountain leader. He is passionate about nature and wilderness travel. In addition to writing this blog Paul owns and runs Frontier Bushcraft, a wilderness bushcraft school, offering bushcraft courses and wilderness expeditions.

33 thoughts on “PK Podcast 028: Joe Robinet On His Love Of Camping, Bushcraft & Making A Living On YouTube

  1. Just finished listening to it. It’s been a pleasure listening two of my Top 5 references talking about bushcraft, outdoor life,…
    Waiting for that video of you both in the Canadian Wilderness
    Greetings from “the guy from Spain”

    1. Hola Jose, it’s good to hear from you again. It seems you might be able to entice Joe to Spain with some Rioja…. 🙂

      Thanks for your question and your interest in this podcast.

      Warm regards,


  2. Paul and Joe,

    I am a seventy two year old man who has enjoyed camping and canoe camping since the early years of my youth. I have enjoyed the outdoors, Mother Nature, in all her moods… winter and summer and learned my skills at the knee of parents, grand parents and knowledgeable Scout leaders. Much of my canoeing skills I will credit to Bill Mason, his books and films. I have enjoyed many Ray Mears films which led me to finding both, you Paul and Joe Robinet. I enjoy and continue to follow you both because neither of you are preachy zealots.

    I find it quite interesting (this bears out your Zen quote “everyone you meet has something to teach you”, the gist of it anyway) that while I have many trips and years of experience under my belt, there is still much to learn. Your combined videos confirm many of my approach/techniques and yet still present ways of doing things that appeal to me. Things I will adapt to upcoming canoe trips.

    Thank you Paul and Joe for sharing your videos and knowledge, I for one, appreciate it very much.


  3. Hi Paul and Joe
    Really enjoyed the podcast, big fan of Joe’s really enjoy Friday videos and started watching Wednesday videos, congratulations Joe and your family on the news this week

  4. Hi Paul and Joe. Great listening to you two, I follow joes channel as well as yours Paul, I would be great if joe was to come over and experience what the uk has to offer maybe a Spey trip, I think it would make a great watch, all the best guys

    1. Hi Trev, thanks for your comments on this podcast. I’m glad you liked the crossover of the two of us. Yes, a Spey trip is always fun. We’ll see… 🙂

      Warm regards,


  5. Hi Paul, this was a brilliant blog. I follow Joe on youtube, it was great to listen to the two of you chatting about so many interesting and varied topics. Thanks for sharing this.
    All the best, Dave.

  6. My favourite episode to date Paul around my house Friday is Bushcraft Friday. That’s the day Joe and Shawn upload their videos. Maybe you could do a episode with Mors and the guys from Karamat.

    1. Hi Daniel, I hope you are enjoying your bushcraft Friday. Don’t forget to include #AskPaulKirtley in your YouTube playlist 🙂

      Episode 63 is here –

      I’m aiming for a consistent Thursday release for these going forwards.

      Episode 63 is not on this site yet as I’ve just done a big server migration and had to hold off on making any changes to the site. It will be here over the weekend though.

      As for future podcast guests, yes I agree it would be great to have Mors on.

      Warm regards,


  7. Just listened to this and the Kevin Callan podcast and really enjoyed them both Joe and Kevin seem very down to earth.Thank you Paul

  8. Thank you Paul and Joe for such a warm conversation full of information and good stories. This is the first Paul Kirtley podcast featuring a guest I follow on youtube enthusiastically. Joe is a savvy outdoorsman. He is a relaxed and humble chap, and his work inspires me deeply.



  9. Thoroughly enjoyed listening to this Paul, thanks for taking the time to record it (and Joe!). Just commenting on here as I don’t usually subscribe to podcasts but watch you both on you tube. All the best.


  10. When I got properly interested in finding out more about the skill sets and ideals of “Bushcraft” I looked on line at various Youtube videos. It soon became apparent that some people might “talk the talk”, but clearly had no idea about walking any sort of walk, especially if it involved in the woods and outdoors! Ask Paul Kirtley, Joe Robinet and Frontier Bushcraft VLOGs were outstanding in their content, explaining the content and, more importantly for me, were authentic and consistent in the messages they wanted to get over. I’ve learned so much, had my mind and horizons widened so much by all three I am genuinely surprised about how much I’ve discovered about outdoors and myself. Even a couple of hours walk with my dog has become a learning experience. Some of this sounds a bit over the top admittedly, but I am genuine about the sentiments! Thanks to all of you for your efforts and experiences.

    1. Hi Stephen, as always it’s good to hear from you. I’m happy to hear you liked this podcast and it integrated well with your other learning experiences in the world of bushcraft. I really appreciate all the positive sentiments in your post. Your enthusiasm and positivity around learning about nature and bushcraft are palpable.

      Warm regards,


  11. Professional meets Celebrity, worlds collide in a no holds barred Bushcraft Battle… in all seriousness though, a great interview that came across as more fireside conversation than Q&A. I’ve watched Joe’s channel off and on and it was interesting to hear about his background, the “Alone” experience and especially the challenges of filming. Thanks for all of the varied content on these podcasts.

    1. Hey Alex, good to hear from you and I appreciate your comments on this episode. I’m particularly glad you like the variety of the Paul Kirtley Podcasts.

      Warm regards,


  12. Very enjoyable podcast two very different outdoorsmen but one message, just get out there and enjoy the outdoors for whatever reason you do it and don’t forget a beer

  13. Bravo Zulu as we say in the Navy on this podcast! Joe is at a disadvantage on his canoe trips due to lack of distilleries. You and Joe are the two regular channels I watch on youtube. Great stuff I like the term Woodsman.

  14. Hi Paul, really enjoy listening to these podcasts , this was one of my favorites , Joe Robinet is a great guy and i always like watching his videos .

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