#AskPaulKirtley Episode 29 – Ray Goodwin Answers Your Canoeing Questions

#AskPaulKirtley Episode 29 – Ray Goodwin Answers Your Canoeing Questions

Paul Kirtley and Ray Goodwin

In this episode of #AskPaulKirtley canoe maestro Ray Goodwin joins me to answer questions on inflatable canoes and kayaks, sleeping in a canoe, avoiding wrist pain when paddling, the merits of back-paddling vs aggressive forward paddling, advice for a first-time multi-day canoe tripper, thoughts on canoe saddles, which bug suits to get and when to use them, what skills are needed for a river Spey trip, advice on storing and transporting canoes in the UK and what experience is needed to move to larger rivers with rapids and stronger currents?

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Expedition Canoeing Skills Course

River Spey Canoe Expedition

The French River Canoe Expediton

The Bloodvein River Canoe Expedition

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6 thoughts on “#AskPaulKirtley Episode 29 – Ray Goodwin Answers Your Canoeing Questions

  1. Thank you to both Paul and Ray for making this video, it was very informative! Having recently got my own canoe, this really makes me look forward to when I can take it on the water.

  2. Hi Paul
    I am utterly concentrated on your present subject! Ray is great and everything the man says I totally
    agree with, and all sides of wilderness education remain important, both land and marine. Briefly, I have
    a year and half sea experience in SE Alaska. The big thing is never turn your back on any waters. Tide
    rips and sudden hard wind will change the situation dangerously. Keep your eyes open constantly. I lost
    a good friend at sea because being young and experienced we made a fundamental mistake. The periodic
    maximum high/low tide change is extremely dangerous. My longest solo experience was 120 miles in
    a six man inflatable raft on Lake Ross Reservoir, North Cascade Wilderness complex. The raft became
    seaworthy by putting a plank across of area where I manned oars-even against wind.
    Kind Regards, Jim-Pacific NW

  3. Hi Paul and Ray, thanks for another great episode. I can confirm to everyone that the Frontier Spey Trip is excellent and really worthwhile – a great paddle and fantastic camping. The instruction isn’t bad either 😉

  4. I used the phrase, ‘you don’t know what you don’t know’ with the lads at work today. The resulting discussion lasted the whole one hour journey back from the river. We use challenging outdoor activities, including canoeing to help them get to grips with positive decision making… transferring the learning from the hill or river back to the classroom or life in general. Hearing Ray talk massively highlighted the power and potential of the outdoors. After 30 years of paddling it never stops amazing and intriguing me 🙂 Thank you guys!

  5. To get the most out of canoeing or kayaking I highly recommend getting some coaching to gain skills to cover understanding of the environment, how to navigate the water and to learn about what you don’t yet know you need to know. This will also allow any bad habits to be corrected in paddling stroke and advice will be given with regard to kit, preparation and planning trips etc. The podcast was informative and useful. Thanks Ray and Paul

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