PK Podcast 47: Tom Lutyens, Mors Kochanski, Lars Fält, Johan Skullman

PK Podcast 47: Tom Lutyens, Mors Kochanski, Lars Fält, Johan Skullman

Back in 1995 there was a gathering of survival instructors in northern Sweden. It has become almost the stuff of legend amongst bushcraft and survival instructors.

One of the big driving forces behind this gathering was Lars Fält. Those of you who have followed my podcasts for a while will remember Lars joined me on Episode 32, which was a magazine episode, recorded with a number of guests at the Swedish Bushcraftfestivalen in August 2018. On this episode Lars recounted some of his personal history with survival training and I encourage you to have a listen if you haven’t already. Those of you who have followed my work for a while might also know I had the honour of working alongside Lars on winter courses in northern Sweden in the 2000s.

Lars is one of the grandfathers of modern survival training, particularly in Scandinavia. But his influence has been much broader, particularly because of his collaborative nature and willingness to share. So it was great to catch up with Lars again at the GBS, which was all about sharing skills, knowledge and pedagogical methodologies.

There were other veterans of the 1995 Survival Instructors gathering present at the 2019 GBS too, Mors Kochanski being one of them. Mors, of course, has featured on this podcast several times in the last 12 months and it is a pleasure to have him included in this podcast as well.

Tom Lutyens, retired USAF survival instructor, was also present at the 95 conference and it was absolute pleasure to meet and spend time with him at the GBS. He joins Lars and Mors on this podcast too.

So it was they gathered together for a panel discussion, chaired by Jonathan McArthur, who you may remember from Episode 36 with him and Mors. They are also joined on the panel by a mystery guest, who some of you may know…

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4 thoughts on “PK Podcast 47: Tom Lutyens, Mors Kochanski, Lars Fält, Johan Skullman

  1. Thank you Paul. I wasn’t aware my question at the end would evoke such powerful emotions, but I was gratified that the survival lessons taught by genuine survival (and bushcraft) instructors does produce results and saves lives, because there is no bullshit (if I may say that) about them. It is very real stuff to learn and do while in the woods, especially in a survival situation. It is not theory, it is practical knowledge that is proven time and again to save lives; and, in the case of bushcraft, these are techniques that work, and they are worthy to be transmitted to the generations following. They cannot be half-dreamed, or theoretical, they must be practiced and proven effective for every situation one may find themselves in.

    And to those reading this, thinking they know how because they saw it on You tube, or read a magazine article or watched a TV show, make sure you prove these out, and take lessons from qualified, proven, and reputable instructors. Learn to do it right, and to do it well. It will save your life.

    1. Well put Marcel. And thank you for asking the question. Sometimes, the most straightforward questions generate the most revealing answers…

  2. That was very enjoyable. Inspiring. I think a lot of people might imagine bushcraft as a funny hobby where people play in the woods. I have had that reaction. It is hard to describe the depth of knowledge and effort it takes to become even comfortable with this vast subject. It is the journey, the learning and the connection. It is fuel to listen to the pioneers of this craft. Thank you very much Paul.

    1. Hi Vic,

      Thanks for your comments. I’m glad you found this podcast to be be enjoyable as well as fuelling your inspiration/motivation. It’s always a pleasure to bring conversations like this to a wider audience.

      Warm regards,


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