PK Podcast 46: Kevin Callan, The Nicest Man On The Meanest Journey

PK Podcast 46: Kevin Callan, The Nicest Man On The Meanest Journey

My guest on this podcast is someone who has become a good friend in recent years. He’s been on my podcast several times and we paddled the Spey River together, which was documented in a series of videos that were enjoyed by many.

Kevin Callan is a Canadian author of 18 books, many of them best-sellers. He’s an experienced outdoor educator who is passionate about reconnecting people and nature through his works, whether it be his books, presentations, videos or working directly with students at risk.

Kevin is also fervent in his view that the wilderness we need in order to immerse ourselves in nature and enable those nature connections in others is best protected by getting people out on the land and having them learn to value and love it.

In this episode we have a wide-ranging conversation. This is typical for conversations with Kevin but the spur for this particular session was my wanting to talk to Kevin about his latest book, which is quite different to his previous works, as well as the trip around Algonquin on the notorious route known as The Meanest Link that provides the setting and backdrop for this book.

Please enjoy the latest instalment with Kevin Callan…

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Kevin Callan
When it gets tough, you have to have a sense of humour….

Links For This Podcast

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Kevin’s Thames River series (YouTube)
Red Green
Wilderness Quest
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Kevin’s interview/chat with Jim Baird

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10 thoughts on “PK Podcast 46: Kevin Callan, The Nicest Man On The Meanest Journey

  1. Great Podcast Paul. It was great to hear you and Kevin talking about the GBS and the Frostbite Symposium. Colleen and I were Keynotes along with Kevin at Frostbite. He is such a nut. Awesome. Take care

    1. Hey Dale, good to hear from you. Yes Kevin is a nut (in a good way) and I love his positivity and enthusiasm. I hope to get to Frostbite one winter.



  2. Some funny but also serious points, great listen

  3. Great episode, could listen to you two chatting all day long!

    1. Haha glad you liked this David. I’m pretty sure Kevin and I could indeed chat all day 😉

      Warm regards,


  4. Hi Paul, I hope this finds you well after yet another trip over here in Canada. Great connecting with you in June during and after the Global Bushcraft Symposium.

    Keep up these trips and you’ll dropping “eh” at the end of your sentences soon…

    I always enjoy the chats you and Kevin have. I met him briefly at Frostbite – Winter Camping Symposium in Alberta this past winter. Good guy and very passionate about the outdoors. He has an excellent channel with great information mixed with entertainment value.

    All the best Paul, maybe see you on your next trip over.

    1. Hey Alex, it’s good to hear from you. I’ve just had a month in Canada and yes, I might soon be picking up some of the linguistic mannerisms. This being said, I’ve not spoken to many people over this time. First a solo trip then a trip with a small group. 25 nights camping in the last 30. Strange being indoors again, catching up on blog comments in the airport as I am now doing.

      I’m glad you liked this session with Kevin. He is indeed passionate about the outdoors and helping facilitate more people connecting with nature.

      Cheers for the feedback as always.


  5. Hi Paul,

    Another great podcast! Especially the part covering the ‘ability’ of wilderness to heal people. I’m always looking forward to new videos, articles or podcasts from you. It always feels like receiving a little present to me. Altough i don’t have much time to practice on lots of technics you teach in the videos, i try to focus on the basic skills(building fire, learn handling a knife or axe).
    I very much wanna thank you for this great material AND your pleasant/peaceful way of talking/teaching.
    I hope you keep doing this for a very long time!
    Thank you so much…
    Bob Maertens from Belgium
    Ps srry for my english

    1. Hi Bob, thanks for your positive words. I’m glad you find my materials valuable and my delivery agreeable. Thanks and I appreciate you taking the time to leave feedback. Warm greetings, Paul.

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