Post image for Canoeing The Spey With Kevin, Ray & Justine part 8 – The Washing Machine

After the whisky-fuelled antics of the previous day, this episode sees the gang of four firmly back on the river and tackling some fun, bouncy white water, including the washing machine… Read more >>


Post image for Canoeing The Spey With Kevin, Ray & Justine part 4 – Setting Camp In The Dark

The Spey saga continues. We take a side trip to walk to some ancient standing stones. Kevin underestimates the haggis but his obsession with filming sheep means we end up paddling the last part of our route virtually in the dark. And then we still have to set up camp… Read more >>


Post image for Canoeing The Spey With Kevin, Ray & Justine part 3 – River Safety

The adventure continues on the River Spey. In this section the river starts moving, Kevin needs to negotiate some rapids and Ray talks safety and signals so everyone is on the same page… Read more >>


Post image for Canoeing The Spey With Kevin, Ray & Justine part 2 – A Few Campfire Tricks

The off-the-wall journey down the Spey with Kevin Callan, Ray Goodwin and Justine Curgenven continues with the morning after the night before. Pancakes, bacon and maple syrup are on the menu but the priority is coffee. First, though, I need to get the fire going… Read more >>


Post image for Canoeing The River Spey With Kevin Callan, Ray Goodwin and Justine Curgenven – part 1

Ray Goodwin and I take Kevin Callan and Justine Curgenven down the River Spey on a magical mystery tour of water, whisky and wild haggis… Read more >>


Post image for Canoe Capsize Recovery – Deep Water Rescue Training

Canoe capsize recovery skills are important for any canoeist who ventures onto open water, even as part of a group. Windermere is England’s largest natural lake and the venue of the Expedition Canoeing Skills course that Ray Goodwin and I run there every summer. Part of the course programme involves learning and practising canoe capsize […] Read more >>


Post image for A Trail Of Destruction: Canoeing The River Greta After The Floods…

The River Greta underwent significant change as a result of Storm Desmond in December 2015, which caused severe flooding in many parts of the UK, particularly in the Lake District. Ray Goodwin, Paul “Spoons” Nicholls and I were running two week-long Expedition Canoeing Skills Courses in the Lake District. On our day off in between courses, we went for a real mini-adventure on the Greta… Read more >>


Post image for White Water Safety & Rescue Training Provides Useful Survival Skills

White water safety and rescue skills are essential if you spend any time on or around rivers. These are real world survival skills. If you examine the statistics of what kills people outdoors, water is right up towards the top of the list. Moving water, whatever temperature, poses specific hazards… Read more >>


Post image for Favourite Films: Waterwalker by Bill Mason

From the moment this film starts rolling and you hear birdsong, you know Waterwalker is not a film just about canoeing. This is confirmed by the first line spoken by Bill Mason in the film… Read more >>


Post image for Wash Day On The River Spey

Every year Ray Goodwin and I lead canoe-camping trips on the River Spey in the Scottish Highlands. It’s a lovely river to paddle in an open boat and the surrounding scenery is beautiful. Travelling in such a fantastic natural environment, there are many highlights. Amongst the highlights of a watery nature are several rapids which […] Read more >>