Post image for Snow Shelters: Why We Don’t Build Igloos In The Forest

Traditionally igloos were tundra shelters, with other snow shelters and snowhouses involving mounding up snow being favoured in the forest. But modern Ice Box devices blur this boundary. So, I thought I would investigate building an igloo-type shelter in the boreal forest… Read more >>


Post image for Fun In The Swellies: Fighting The Tide In The Menai Strait

With some of the Frontier Bushcraft team, Ray Goodwin and I take our canoes to the tidal water of the Menai Strait, which separates Anglesey from mainland Wales. Here we learn the meaning of differential tide and experience the treacherous Swellies… Read more >>


Post image for #AskPaulKirtley Episode 46: Bushcraft Events in 2017, Tinders For Flint & Steel, Shelter Roofs Holding Snow, Smocks vs Anoraks, Wild Camping (again)

Bushcraft shows and events in 2017, tinders for flint and steel, shelter roof strong enough for snow, smocks vs anoraks with zips, woods for bushcraft activities in the UK, wild camping in North West England, being blinded by headlamps, foundational bushcraft knowledge as a long-term learning base… Read more >>

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#AskPaulKirtley Episode 45

by Paul Kirtley

Post image for #AskPaulKirtley Episode 45

In this episode of #AskPaulKirtley I answer questions about bushcraft skills for a 9-year-old, leather belt kits over jackets, horse’s hoof fungus identification, tinder bundles and ember extenders, online bushcraft courses, bushcraft courses for Scout leaders, what makes a bushcraft knife a bushcraft knife, and a bit of inspiration… Read more >>


Post image for Weirs, Waves & World Heritage: Adventure On The River Dee

We take on the section of the River Dee from Llangollen to Overton Bridge, a section which contains some nice white water, a great surf waves and some weirs that command respect. This section is crossed by the famous Pontcysyllte aquaduct, a World Heritage site. Joined by some of the Frontier Bushcraft team as well as Ray Goodwin and Lina, this 16m (10 mile) day trip made the perfect December microadventure by canoe… Read more >>


Post image for #AskPaulKirtley Episode 44 – Choosing Companions For Trips, Food For Expeditions, Foraging For Calories, Hydration On Hikes, Tree and Plant ID Guides

n this episode of #AskPaulKirtley I answer questions about food for longer trips and expeditions, choosing expedition companions, foraging for calories, valuable lessons and learning from mistakes, tarp and bivvy for colder months, drinking while tramping in dry areas, tree and plant ID guides. Read more >>


Post image for Canoeing The Spey With Kevin, Ray & Justine part 12 – Battle To The Sea

It’s the last day on the epic Spey trip. It’s normally an interesting enough run down to the sea, particularly after Fochabers as the river becomes unconstrained and braided. But with the river rising significantly overnight and a brutal headwind, this final section to the sea becomes a real battle… Read more >>


Post image for Thumbing The Map: How To Keep Track Of Where You Are

Where was I again? Thumbing the map is a navigational technique which allows you to quickly and easily keep track of where you are on the trail. As well as being super useful for trail hiking, I’ve seen it used in some surprising places… Read more >>


Post image for Canoeing The Spey With Kevin, Ray & Justine part 11 – The Final Day Starts With Poignant Reflection

The morning after the night before, Kevin is at first a little bleary eyed and reluctant to emerge from his tent. Besides it’s cold out and has been raining all night. Justine warms herself by the fire as I make proper porridge over it. It’s the last day of the trip and time for some poignant reflection… Read more >>

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Post image for Canoeing The Spey With Kevin, Ray & Justine part 10 – Special Guests Come To Our Wild Camp

Our final wild camping spot on the Spey. We get well set-up with a communal tarp area and plenty of firewood. This serves us well over an increasingly draughty evening, which even included a hail storm. Despite this, it’s a warm and fun evening around the campfire, with some friends joining to surprise Kevin with some special Scottish produce… Read more >>